Election victory for Andrej Babis - the 'Czech Donald Trump'

A billionaire businessman with an anti-establishment message has won this weekend’s parliamentary election in the Czech Republic. Maverick tycoon Andrej Babis has drawn comparisons with Donald Trump and like the US President, he doesn’t mind ruffling feathers.

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  • Marina Swoboda Love when people make comments about the country they are unable to find on the map. Babiš is a corrupt businessmen who plays populists games by talking about Czech self reliance, but taking all the EU money he can get. He appeal to Czech population because he is a second richest man in the country and Czech have great respect for money. He is against accepting refugees and Czech support it because they do not like to have people of colour in they country. Nothing new in this, it is just sad old bigotry and racism.
  • Petr Bezruč I agree with the first part of your statement. However, the second one is wrong... His policy is changing continuously but he has never been 100% (probably nor 50%) against immigrants. In fact, he would do whatever the EU told him because he doesn't want to loose his grants... And about your thoughts on Czech people... Dear Madam, if you think that we Czechs are racist bigots why do we have such a strong Vietnamese minority here i. e. - people who are usually working very hard and are seen by the majority as a benefit for our society? I personally have friends among Vietnamese... So, please do not label us as racists and bigots. Thank you!
    Bret Sarlouis These two statements from two Czech citizens mirror the statements of the voters in the United States. These candidates work by division. They create the idea that there is something wrong in your country and only they can change it. Immigration in a g...See more
    Marina Swoboda Petr Bezruč indeed, there is a very large and viable Vietnamese community in Czech Republic, but the comment I hear about Vietnamese from many Czechs are rather appoling. And do I have to remind you about your Roma population. The anti Roma racist discourse and discrimination is thriving in Czech Republic. I do not label all Czechs racist and bigot, but one have to acknowledge problem and not pretend that it do not exist.
    Barbora Nemcova Marina, I always wonder about this. I work with international students and I always worry they will come to our office with a bad experience story. Knocking on wood, but it’s not happened yet. So I always wonder how bad it really is, because obviously, I can’t tell - I’m not the usual target of racism in this country, but those who might generally be love it here. So I hope it’s not as bad as it seems.
    Marina Swoboda Barbora Nemcova it is nothing to worry about. Czech Republic is a beautiful country and people are polite and friendly. It is safe, there is very little crime. It is very safe for tourists and foreigners. I am not talking about any danger to foreigners. Students have very good experience in universities in Prague and love the city. The issue is with attitude towards immigrants and refugees, particularly towards Muslims. According to EU agreement Czech Republic was required to accept 1600, they took 12. Today was parliamentary election and most of the party have strong anti immigration policy. Favourite slogan is “Stop Islamization of Czech Republic”, which is funny as there hardly any Muslims or people of colour here. There are clear discriminatory policies against local Roma people and these problems are barely acknowledged. Essentially, there are the same internal problems that are facing all Europe and the USA.
    Barbora Nemcova Marina, I should have been more clear. I’m not talking about Erasmus students. I’m talking about students who do fit the category of people of color, some of them Muslims. And I am Czech. :) But don’t even get me started on that. We now have about 2 anti-immigration parliament members for each of the 12 refugees that’s here based on the quotas. Fear is the best tool to control people. :/
    Jerónimo Etxeberria I am a mestizo Latino and Czechs are rather curious about people of a darker sking colour. Never felt racism there.
    Marina Swoboda Barbora Nemcova you know that generally Czech are non confrontational people and openly will not to express their attitude towards people of colour or Muslims, therefore most students will not experience anything negative. You are Czech and you know the undertones of thinking that “these people are not like us and they do not belong here”.
    Barbora Nemcova Marina, we all live in bubbles and my bubble has a different attitude. So I can’t ever tell for sure how many people really feel that way. As Jerónimo says, sometimes it’s curiosity because Czechs who never lived in more heterogeneous countries are just not used to heterogeneous societies. It’s silly, but not necessarily harmful. It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re racist. But it might. But then again, all those people voted for the guy who’s got nothing but fear of Muslim immigrants... so who knows. Sadly there’s hardly any country willing to accept all people as completely equal. We all have a long way to go.
  • Michael Schell Dear Czech voters, this kind of populism has been tried in the US and Venezuela, and it's not going well. Trump is over 60% disapproval (no other US President has ever polled so badly so quickly) and Venezuela is at 80% poverty and has fallen beneath its formerly downmarket neighbor Colombia.
    Martin Havel Unfortunately, most of his voters can barely read and if they read or hear amything bad about him they just repeat what he says all the time to literally any criticism : it is my opponets way of attacking me, trying to stop me... he has been been accused of a crime and it didnt even change the expected percentage of voters (which confirmed yesterday after counting the votes)
    RadBart KaBart That's what we couldn't understand in Europe, why he was elected when people hate him (Trump). Now we ask how is possible that Babiš won. Many people voted his Party. Over 30%. I don't know one person who would vote for him and still he got it. I live abroad and I went to vote to make sure that he won't get it (plus SPD Party & KSČM). It happened.
    Goff Day Sorry Michael no one believes CNN,BBC,Washington post anymore, the World has moved on
  • Maida Muslic-Kovar Most ex-Eastern bloc/communist countries are nowadays nothing but a cesspool of far-right, ultranacionalist and xenophobic politicians/governments 🤢
    Edit Latkoczki You are absolutely right. Things took a very bad turn in Eastern Europe.
    Karolina Součková Not all of us in "Eastern Europe" agree with it though. I come from Prague and believe it or not, the parties you have described in your previous comment do not have any bigger success here. Moreover you can see that kind of tendency you are describing...See more
    Maida Muslic-Kovar I would agree with you in general, but this WaPo post is about Czechia in particular (which used to be one of ex-Eastern bloc members), hence my comment.
    Annette Niebelski No things did not take a bad turn in Eastern Europe. Eastern Europeans know what happens and how they get occupied or their countries get partitioned out of existence by invaders. Indeginous European people trying to save their ancestral land homeland and culture is not evil.
  • RadBart KaBart We are not Eastern Europe. I am from Central Europe exactly. Look to your World Atlas before you are going to say such a nonsense. Well, Kovar is Czech surname, that's even worse that you don't know. At least I know where I come from!
    Maida Muslic-Kovar RadBart KaBart please do not embarrass other Czechs or Czech-Americans with your lack of English reading comprehension. My comment clearly states “ex-Eastern bloc/communist countries”.
    Maida Muslic-Kovar Jermaine McGill I doubt you would love someone calling you a “subhuman” based on your skin color. There is a difference between being economically/socially conservative and lauding far-right/xenophobic tendencies.
    Karolina Součková Maida Muslic-Kovar well... as you can see with your own eyes, a lot unfortunately. That’s the trouble with the V4 countries; we are threatened of something we do not even have our own experience with. but these people who vote for parties like SPD see themselves as patriots and people who protect our country... complete brainwash
    Mattias Björklund Karolina Součková it is a greater problem in the east though. I find it funny that most Eastern countries are happy to be in the EU as Long as it includes receiving money from their western "brothers" but when it comes to spending money on things like refugees it's a big NO!
    Mattias Björklund RadBart KaBart.. Poland is very much in the eastern europe.. heck the military Alliance was even named after your Capitol... It also happen to be one of THE most racist countries On Earth. Plenty of Polish People working here and Many of Them feel ashamed of their own country. I suppose the civilized bunch got out of there as soon as THE wall Broke down?