Mass Shooting in Las Vegas

Multiple Weapons Found in Las Vegas Gunman’s Hotel Room. A gunman on a high floor of a Las Vegas hotel rained a rapid-fire barrage on an outdoor concert festival on Sunday night, leaving at least 59 people dead, injuring 527 others, and sending thousands of terrified survivors fleeing for cover, in one of the deadliest mass shootings in American history.

  • Saúl Linares I am all about the second Ammendent and for us to carry our guns. Truth, even with Gun Control will NOT stop all the Violence, However I can assure that it may minimize it. Doesn't make sence how a person can purchase 33 guns, all in seperate occasions and not throw red flags. Don't take our guns away, just have a lil bit more regulations when it comes to deadly weapons. Think about Orlando, Sandy Hook and Now Las Vegas. Just for 30 seconds think about that y'all. Blessings.
  • Christopher Williams Why do you idiots keep talking semiautomatic vs FULL, to hell with a bump stick. The point is no ordinary citizens needs a fkn assault rifle!!!!!!!!
  • Carolyn Cobb Martin The ideology around the sacred cow, the 2nd amendment, defined our nation, after Sandy Hook, as a place where owning guns is more important than life itself. Our nation, like ISIS and other groups throughout the world, no longer values life. Loss of innocent lives is just part of the price we pay to adhere to a cruel ideology. Gun ownership has taken us hostage and it appears there is no escape. If Sandy Hook didn't change hearts and minds, what could?
  • Ruth Guerrero Snyder Just devastates me that people find it funny that 58 innocent people lost their lives and over 500 were injured by one man because of his right to own multiple 12 guns that can shoot 9 bullets a second.How is this funny?
  • Rick McClelland Then where is the outrage in detroit and Chicago. More have died last month than in this tragegy. False flag. No o e could shoot 600 people in 30 seconds. And 74 min respond time? Wake up!!!! They just do t want resistance when fema rolls in. Ask texans. They tried to tske the guns. Thank God for the militia that went there. Fema djsnt do a thing excelt block roads leadimg in and out leaving people to die. Americans saved those people
  • Sean Zayon I believe all Americans have the right to own guns. Just not autos and the parts to convert should be controlled. Other then that there is no need for autos unless you are police, military or there is a zombie apocalypse.
    Benerval L Grimes A crazy person can generally only shoot one gun at a it really doesnt matter how many others he has. Cars kill and have been used as a weapon recently....and I own 47 cars.....does that make me psycho? a future killer?
    Joshua Rue They want to out law Auto weapons for civilians how many do you think are stolen from careless cops....... What is the punishment for being a careless cop and letting said gun get stolen 1/2 day suspension that is just in my small town it happens every where
  • Joey Grimes Evert, you are a liberal. You are typical of the reactionary opportunists that poison the nation. Why should you own or carry a gun? Who do you think you are that you get to do that? Yet, you're gonna tell me how many guns I can own. You need to be led around by your nose and told what to do. That's why you belong in a liberal state. You don't get to decide what's best for me of any other law abiding citizen.
  • Saúl Linares Lol ok. See I see where you are coming from.. can you answer my question then, why does the government needs to know why I am having so many transactions into my account? So again, why do we need more mass shootings. Nobody is taking away my guns. We wont allow that. However we have so many folks that are getting out of control. Ding ding ding like this man, many red flags should've been up... why are you purchasing 33 guns within a year... look what just happened in Vegas. 58 Human beings were killed!!!! Yet you want to make it political. This is not about Conservatives, Liberals, Independent, republicans, Democrats. This is what's right! ENOUGH is ENOUGH.
  • James Evers Evert Saul Linares... first off, the number of guns he purchased is irrelevant. We have no clue how many he actually used, and the entire thing could have been done with two or three guns. Beyond that, nobody is saying we need more mass shootings, but the government has absolutely no right to invade my privacy arbitrarily...

  • Dayana Maman All of you can criticize Evert Saul Linares all you want, but he is exactly right on about what he's saying. I applaud him for speaking the truth and he owns guns and yet even he feels that something needs to be done. We have to do something. I am sorry but no regular person needs to have assault rifles in their home. Unacceptable!!
  • Gary A. Sherman If I had the disposable income, I would buy as many firearms as possible as soon as possible.. or whatever frequency I want.. does that mean I'm going to do harm? Absolutely not! That's not an indicator that you are guilty. It's like the no fly no buy. There are people who's rights would be and are removed without them having done anything at all. To answer whomever asked about why we need more than one.. do you have family? I do. Do you have friends? If something were to happen, natural disaster, foreign invaders, etc wouldn't you want to have the ability to protect them and yourself ? I would.
  • Frank Fosu There is something really wrong with the nations of our world; spiritually and physically. Its not a matter of our leaders and I mean our Presidents sitting over a cup of tea at united nations. We have to go on our knees and pray. Until then there will be no change cos the devil is working thru people to operate
  • Dan Patrick Baird For those of you who aren't familiar...the FBI catches people yearly with undercover buys. Imagine if the attachment were illegal. Man goes to buy it on black market only to buy it from an undercover agent... mass murder averted as he now watched by the FBI as well as arrested. We have no idea what crimes have been prevented with the passage of these laws. Maybe there would have been twice as many mass shootings...who knows?
  • Tim Bodley I’m military and I support a reasonable interpretation of the 2nd Amendment, that being a responsible, reasonable adult has the right to own a reasonable weapon; a bolt-action or similar rifle/shotgun. There is no practical reason for a civilian to own a semi or fully automatic weapon. That said, this misinformation is crap. The bump stock does NOT change a semi-auto weapon to fully auto. Those changes must be made in the receiver of the weapon.
  • Dustin Isaacs Correction Barney: The reason he was able to cause so much destruction is because he had the willingness inside him to do it. He had the willingness to stake out his victims. To place himself in the perfect location. He had the willingness to send his love interest out of the country. To fork over the money to accomplish it all. He had it in his heart and mind to take the lives of innocent people. He had the intention of causing as much destruction as he could and there are certainly other TOOLS, or, inanimate objects he could have used to do it.
  • Tim Bennett Sanders wasn't there he don't know, but what the public does know, this whole shooting thing is fishy. I'm sorry and pray for those that were hurt, but to many videos prove there is more than 1 shooter, to much evidence to suggest he couldn't have done it, and no one is mentioning the fact a woman warned people 45 minutes before hand
  • Judy Nicole Adrienne Peters politically this is what I personally back up. His mindset. People who know me, know this. I also believe we need to come together as a nation. Now if someone who doesn't share this belief was spoken to the way I was on my post I can understand that they would become defensive instead of hearing our views. Since I already feel the same way, I didn't. I see why you're passionate and today I'm understanding the urgency. The past few days have been emotional.
  • Dayana Maman I am far from ignorant my friend. The stuff he added on to the guns to make them like that can be purchased very easily. Are you saying that we have to accept this and not do anything about this? Can't you just open up your mind and try to see this in a different light? Nobody is going to take your guns away, so relax. Please ask yourself this, do you value your guns or human life more?
  • Dustin Ketchem Bernie Sanders is Pro 2nd Amendment. There are some people who probably didn’t realize that. His home state of Vermont has very lax laws in regards to guns and one of the lowest crime rates in the country. It’s not hard to understand that when responsible people have guns to hunt game and protect their families they’re less likely to become a “victim.” All of that being said, common sense says no civilian needs a weapon that can fire 600+ rounds per minute to defend themselves or go hunting. Trigger cranks, bump stocks, and other accessories that can turn traditional semi-automatic weapons into rapid firing killing machines have no place in our society