California sea lion grabs girl from dock and pulls her underwater

A young girl was dragged into the water by a sea lion at Steveston Fisherman’s Wharf in Richmond, western Canada. The sea lion can be seen latching on to the girl’s dress with its teeth before forcefully pulling her into the water. The child was rescued by a bystander and, although visibly shaken, neither sustained injuries.



  • Kevin David Garcia The one guy was very dramatic by saying she almost drowned. She wasn't close to drowning. It's a wild animal. Don't turn your back on any animal, even a dog. You just never know.
  • Hermann Brocato Absolutely terrifying BUT this is just another example of how "THESE RULES DO NOT APPLY TO ME!" There were signs posted all over the place saying " DO NOT FEED THE SEA LIONS " yet WHAT do these IDIOTS DO?? they were feeding the Sea lions!!!!!! There HAS TO BE SOME KIND OF PUNISHMENT for Morons like these who IGNORE WARNING SIGNS!!!!!!
  • Terence Tia Wong Thank god she's fine. Respect for the man who jumped in to rescue her. What bothers me was the girl parents didn't even thank the man. The parents and the girl just quickly walked away. I would have profusely thank the man if it was my girl. Smh
  • Gary M Wise The first "copy" I had read of this was """Seal" (I was thinking of the singer) Grabs Girl Off Dock""- I was wondering why he would do that..
  • Ali Kozlow I'm sorry I just can't get behind the panic that this video is attempting to induce. People were feeding the seal, the girl sat close, he decided to yank her into the water to see if she had more food, he left her alone. That's it. I simply don't know where in that scenario I'm supposed to feel shocked or frightened for the kid. Also, sorry, but dude is not a hero. A great help certainly and good Samaritan, but hero is pushing it.
  • Joshua Adam Lozier Show the entire unedited video...the girl was messing with it...not feeding it..just being an ignorant human... the sea lion should have drug her to the bottom... humans need to stop treating animals in the wild like they're the same as the ones at the zoo...