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Marvel's The Punisher, Season 1, Episode 7 THE PUNISHER, Season 1, Episode 7 "Crosshairs" RECAP/REVIEW: Last episode we saw Lewis, the PTSD-riddled stereotype, murder O'Connor, the Vietnam Vet stereotype, and episode 7 sadly picks up with that lame subplot. We see Lewis washing off the blood on his hands, while nursing a slash on his side from O'Connor's knife. Lewis grabs a shower curtain,...

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  • Diaz OxinFree Amazing show, my old man was never into watching tv shows but he sat and watched the entire season of the punisher twice the man loves it. We need more please..stat.
  • Jason Torrens Watched the first 3 episodes last night. Been a Punisher fan for over 25 years now and this is the best portrayal I've seen. Aside from the whole CIA conspiracy thing, it was absolutely excellent.
  • Dylan Rowland This may only be me but I loved the scene where we get to just sit and listen to Frank talk, tell stories, monologue etc. He's got a powerful voice and the way he talks in the show is great.
  • Chris Brooks So many different runs and different origins stories it really doesn't matter. The way he lost his family in the show makes for a much more compelling season then him just loosing them to street thugs and having a "monster of the week" season. This is the great thing about Punisher being a pretty paper thin character is that you can take a lot of artistic liberty with him.
  • Wade Huggins Once you get that the MCU is officially a different universe you'll understand why "it wasn't like the comics" is a silly argument. Think of it as a big What If. As long as they get the characters right I'm fine with the changes.
  • Cameron Kortze Jason Torrens, the killing of Castle's family in the comics is not random. It is a mob hit carried out by Jigsaw. Frank Castle survives and seeks out those responsible. You are right, they changed it. But I feel they modernized it in a way that at the very least is consistent with the quality of the comics.
    Jason Torrens They stumbled upon a mob hit in progress and were executed to prevent any witnesses.
    Jason Torrens I still prefer the true origin, but like I said, I'm willing to overlook that. Much like the Thomas Jane film, which is in my opinion the best film version.
    Lyndsay Christine Jason Torrens have you watched Dare Devil? They introduced Frank Castle in Dare Devil season 2 and covered this original origin story there. Punisher season 1 is basically claiming that the events that lead to his family’s deaths go even deeper and gives more info about his military past.
  • James A. Mills My wife and I practically stayed up all night to binge watch this season. All I can say is bravo. Being a serious Punisher fan growing up, this was by far, the best Punisher interpretation we've seen to date. The directors cut of the Thomas Jane film is second, but not anywhere close to this. Jon Bernthal was excellent and should be nominated for an Emmy with this performance. There were several times in this show where you could almost feel his pain just looking into his eyes and somehow relate to him. Out of 10 stars, we have this a solid 9.4 stars.We are patiently waiting for season 2.
  • Anthony Creager It's supposed to be in a completely different universe from the comics,books, and cartoons. Just like how the new Star trek/Batman movie's are set in a new universe. At least Disney is pretending episodes 1,2,&3 of Star wars are non existent because it's supposed to be set in a New universe.not say anything about it being good or bad but in order to connect to a new generation ,they had to make changes
  • Hugo Marquez It's a great show, great story.. absolutely nothing to do with Punisher... Frank WOULD NEVER kill a squad of elite soldiers sent to kill him, there been many times cops and army have gone after Frank and he's NEVER murdered soldiers in cold blood.... unless it's the Netflix Punisher, then yes, he'll kill anyone.
  • Nick Petronio I need to finish this show, but I’ve watched the first 3 or 4 episodes and feel like it’s dragging. Also, I’m not very keen on corrupt government killing his family. I don’t mind Punisher going against corrupt CIA types, but his “origin” and family’s death has now gone from criminals doing it, to crooked DAs to CIA... Frank Castle punished criminals because criminals senselessly killed his family. Certain things just don’t need complicating. And what’s with the lack of action and infamous skull? I like exploring characters and interesting plots, but there should really be a better balance. So far the only real Punisher action was in the first 5 minutes of the first episode. Then he throws away all his stuff and becomes a construction worker. ????