• Louisa Smith This is so sad, the horse will only be doing this because it will be struck by that stick if it doesn't. Horses will do things like this in fear that they will be hurt if the don't...
  • David Zappenveld Do you not also understand the horse worked up to this height in stages? Notice how the stands it is on are in sections? Stupid shit. Go home. Manuel Jorge David Zappenveld your knowledge about horses comes from medieval age, try to found a science based knowledge about horses and horsemanship and you'll understand what is wrong
    David Zappenveld I dont understand anything you said in this comment. Do You mean im 900 years old? Training animals isnt science, its patience.
  • Claudia Biller David Zappenveld actually.... there is a LOT of SCIENCE involved in horse training- if you want to do it right... that fact that he gives kisses to the horse... doesn`t tell you anythning... well, yes, the horse is well groomed. But in terms of training purely R- based. and that´s medieval.
  • Sienna Wismer Louisa Smith you assume that the horse is doing this from fear.... you do know that horses can be trained without being beaten? Just like any other animal. You use praises and treats as motivation... The stick is not there to beat the horse... the stick is only an extension of his arm, seeing as he can't reach the horse shoulder when the horse is so far above him. He is touching the horse to communicate what he is asking of the horse. Don't always assume the worst. The horse is not in distress, nor is the horse anxious. You can clearly tell. Seeing as you a person who has horses, you should be able to read a horse's body language..

  • Louisa Smith Sienna Wismer I completely understand that horses can be trained without being beaten I'm just stating a point that this could be all for show and the horse could be ill treated behind closed doors. This horse might not be just letting you all know it's happens. And for the record I think this trick is horrible and a horse should not be doing it
  • FrankDawnl Poole That is not always true. If you know anything about horses they have the ability to love. They will do things at first for atreat then soon their reward is their trainers affection. They are amazing animals. That trainer did everything he could do to help that horse feel safe. Lisa Hoye Louisa Smith sorry horses won't kiss you for a photo op. They are like toddlers, time and patience. If a toddler is upset he won't do anything you want without a fuss - horses are the same. The horse is not the least bit abused and loves and trusts his trainer. However I do think it is taking a huge risk in this trick. David Zappenveld Lousia smith, so your saying he just walked right out with the horse and had the horse go to this height the first day? God youre stupid. You cant infer something from what you see? Guess waht i can. He trained to horse gradually to get to the height, otherwise why would the steps be made in sections and not just one piece. Hello duh brains! And thet horse isnt being abused. Jesus god get over yourselves.


  • Bayleigh Hamilton If you don't know anything about horses or training horses in general, please save yourself the embarrassment. Friesians are extremely intelligent animals. More intelligent than 80% of the people commenting on this video. I have two. They aren't trick horses but all they want to do is please their human. They WANT a job and LOVE to have a job. My 17 yr old friesian mare is almost completely blind and we are unable to ride here because she gets so nervous now. She loves nothing more than to be ridden so we tack her up while we're riding other horses and let her walk about the arena with us. There may not be any point to this but the fact that the horse is so intelligent and willing to please is amazing. By the look of that animal, he has never been abused in his life. If that man ever struck that horse in a negative way, the horse wouldn't be this willing. The horse would be trying to kill him. Horses remember everything. To add, if the man didn't know what he was doing he wouldn't be putting a horse that is worth the same amount of money as a down payment on a house, in danger.


    Just practicing for that day we win big at the horse races. It's going to be EPIC! 🐴 🐎 or just really funny 😂.