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Why aren’t there more food and travel videos out there? When I’m not eating, I love looking at food…maybe not so much watching other people eat (it’s hardly an elegant activity) but shots of big plates of delicious yum – more please! EAT, by the same guy who did MOVE is one of the few but great food-travel videos out there. Warning: don’t watch this unless it’s nearly time for lunch.

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  • Maria Rosaria Scavariello Eh mmm... I'm italian and I'll tell you this. If this is SO MUCH FOOD for you... never go to an Italian wedding because there... well the food doesn't come to an end ahahah anyway... wtf is that carbonara?!? Seriously???

  • Sheryl Brooks- Vick I don't understand if it is not safe to take Into the country then why do we have fruits like mangoes and said avocados in the supermarket from other countries. Can someone explain it better.
    Jesse Brannen III The ones you find in supermarkets have been inspected and sourced from areas that are known to be safe sources. Many places in the world make the same produce and foods that we do, but their local diseases and parasites could be devastating if let into the United States
    Susan McEntee Wow... "protecting American agriculture..." by throwing all that food away. Meanwhile, the EPA has okay'd the spraying of the weedkilling chemical dicamba on Monsanto's new dicamba-tolerant soybeans and cotton. smh.
    Michelle Baines I'm not sure people understand the threat of food disease, bugs etc from other countries. The USA has crops and bugs that are used to certain conditions. If a bug/pest/rodent/plant based disease comes from another country and gets into our agriculture, it could decimate whole sections of crops. That's why they don't trust packaged items either, because invasive bugs/pests can and will get through.
  • Nicole Sinder Wait, I can't bring in my own jamon iberico but the US gov't will approve the same company's export of the same ham and I have to pay $$$ for it? It's all about that import/export tax $$$...
    Asmara Khan The cost of the whole "Grinder setup" along with the wages of employees tasked with the grinding job , can all be put to a better alternative than wasting. This food can be sent to famine stricken countries.... People are dying, they eat mud there. Any food with even the slightest hint of nutrition can be like God sent to them. Just pack it up securely n deliver.
    Elyse Nakashima Lol its so dangerous for people (and animals and plants) that they dispose of it.... But have to go to the other side of the airport to get to the disposal room... Passing by hundred of people on the way. That makes

  • Irise Ilybless I travel to lots of countries,the food,the culture,the music,the people and so much more no where compare to not even close i pray we as a people get it together too much crime and no way out for the youths.
    Kelisha Ferguson This make me miss home so much...I know that the crime rate is crazy there but nowhere else in the world would rather where nuh betta dan yaad
    Marvin Shim Trust me the I'm home now for a month and i am killing the food will be here for couple of months. .I just hope I don't gain some weights. .how can I stop go home and telling you the truth a St Mary a place Stewart Town it's the best place to hang out ...See more
  • Sharleen Harris I love my Country my culture. It does not matter were I am living or were I am in life. Jamaica will always be my home my culture the food the people, friends and family. I will never forget were I came from.
    Taneika Chance So proud to see this positive outlook of the country. My mouth is watering just to see this cuisine..the reputation of our food stands out, i went to Mexico and they were serving Jamaica Jerk Chicken, really!!!! Nothing close to us..
    Marie Maxwell Post and repost this, it's not the best but it's a good analogy of our country. Every single country in the world have there down side. It's because we are so well recognise and are in the media's eyes so much, why our issues are so magnified. The presenter never mentioned anything about our challenges. We are the ones bringing it up. We would like things to be better, but, in the mean time that's the situation and we are still the greatest little nation on earth, still paradise, and still the most hospitable people on earth. Don't join the nay sayers and Don't give our country over to the few who gives us a bad name. Jamaica !!! No problem. We are "under God increased in beauty fellowship and prosperity" and we are "playing our part in advancing the welfare of the whole human race" One love.

  • Jeannie Kee I've been to Saigon, but didn't have chance to try street food, omg, we need to try these vendors!!!!!
  • Hayley Elizabeth People saying it's a waste of food...yes it is but more food gets thrown out of super markets and wasted in eating contests and people over eating.....that would equal a lot more than 160 tons of over ripe tomatoes once a year 😑 get off your high horse and accept the world is screwed Edit: and if we spent half of what we did on pet food each year we could end world yeah...the world is messed up.
    Sara Zajac Fucking waste of food! And the people in other parts of the world are starving..This is why we have hunger in the world. Because of stupid people that clearly don't know what hunger is.
  • Courtney Zorros Westbay Dave Cicirelli ... until you see some ones glasses 👓 get smashed against their own face and then you escape, essentially saving your life, stand on the side lines cheering you're comrade on in battle while enjoying a smoke. Ahhh the memories
    Diane Vanaishe Renshaw Yeah fucking idiot, what a waste and people are dying from of hunger. So stupid. I love tomato, I found this offensive. What If I want eat thAt?