Citizenship for migrant children in Italy

Around 1,000 people have protested in Rome against giving citizenship to the children of migrants. It’s in response to the so-called ‘ius soli’ bill, which would grant citizenship to children born on Italian soil who have completed five years in the school system.

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  • Proximo Holliday Italy is not authentic anymore due to the overflow of refugees. You see them ruining tourists stay when visiting all the Duomos & top attractions by attempting to pickpocket, sell you junk, sell drugs and destroy landmarks. I've seen it myself. Stand up Italia Beth Tucker Griesauer Because we wouldn't want tourists' Italian fantasies tainted now, would we? Ugh! FYI - immigrants selling their wares in Italian tourist areas is nothing new. It was the same on my first visit there 25 years ago.
    Proximo Holliday Beth Tucker Griesauer Go back now & see for yourself! I'm sure 25yrs ago they were bombarding you & trashing the towns throughout Sicily & Roma.
    Proximo Holliday Beth Tucker Griesauer Italian cuisine made by Libyan & Egyptians is wicked authentic
    Proximo Holliday Beth Tucker Griesauer maybe your vote will count in 2020 For 70yr Biden or Sen Schumer or your crony Billary
    Beth Tucker Griesauer Bombarding? Please. Smh
    Proximo Holliday Rose Sabz Everyone should educate themselves on the world we live in & I encourage all those I come across to travel & experience it themselves. I have some backing & seen for myself how these groups of refugees that nobody wants is destroying Europe. Look @ Greece, Paris & Germany etc... Why are we comparing today's refugees with generations past? Can you not see the difference? Refugees ''back in the day" seemed to have a great_er work ethic & contributed to the society after arriving to Ellis Island. #rantover
  • Beth Tucker Griesauer "A prestigious record in teaching history. ...."? European kids learn more history, math, languages, etc. in high school than Americans learn in college.
    Proximo Holliday Beth Tucker Griesauer I see your liberal rebuttal coming into full effect! High- school in the States is not number 1 like the Fins. But, I can argue for days in favor of my original comment regarding Our Universites is prestigious in having the best p...See more
    Lelance Lelance Komps In France too lying down begging money in the middle of the crowded make people traffic .its okie begging money but in the corner
    Zurich Flores Llamorin If you civilian in Italy can't accept this hopeless people then you should sank that boat the moment you saw them first.. because it's hard to pretend to be good at heart when you're not..
    Lotta Mundwiler Beth Tucker Griesauer , there are many, many more today, and trust me, it's not a place I'm going back to.
    Gianfranco Fedele You peoples should just shame! I am proud to be Italian because we save the life of this desperate peoples! If you dumb American tourist don't like to see this peoples you can certainly remain in USA under the protection of the KKK. Shame on you for those comments!!!
    Tsering Topgyal Wanpo I absolutely agree, the same happens on the Greek islands. The Turks keep sending refugees/migrants (Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Moroccans, Algerians, Somalis and a few Syrians) to the Greek islands and a result tourism has really gone down on some of them, which depend largely on tourism!
    Lorenzo Molisso Your stupid wars create immigrants! We have to remedy your mess and you have even the nerve to talk about your posh tourism! Shame on you!
    Antonia Corsano We cannot stand up in Italy until we get rid or our left wing politicians (we have had 4 PM that were not elected) we need an Italian Donald Trump to stop the boat loads of people coming to our country and raping our girls beating up and robbing our elderly and desecrating all our cultural heritage by pooping and peeing in our's a disgrace let's hope the right wins at the next election
    Gianfranco Fedele Antonia Corsano hahahahah wich right? Salvini the little toy boy? hahahahahahahah! And you are an Italian migrant in USA. Becareful your loved Trump may take the decision to ban all of you american mangiaspaghetti ;)
  • Pal Inn So sad they still keep on rescuing them.. such a waste of time, money and further sources later on
    Hytheam Diab human lives are not waste of money and time, most of those people are not isis or terrorists. They are people who are trying to have a better future, you are lucky cuz u were born in 1st world country.
    Pal Inn Hytheam Diab they have all it takes to become civilized and look for Better future back home instead of coming here handing their hands out.. Look at Israel for example. It is just a sick region with sick attitudes and the situation down there is just a great reflection of themselves!!
    Yoko Ford Tsk tsk .... that comment of your ... seriously ??
    Theresa Suslov By the grace of God go you. Perhaps in another life you will be born into poverty and hopelessness so you will experience first hand the callousness of your ugly soul.
    Tyler McCoy I don't want these people anywhere near Europe. However, I'd rescue them and take them straight back to Libya. Unless they were terrorists or rapists then they can be shot.
    Pal Inn Rose Sabz so sad u ignore the facts and reasons why they are in that shoes 😂😂
    Pal Inn Theresa Suslov there are poor regions where people live in peace! And then u to have Islamic regions where one fight each another... just about the attitudes and people...
    Gianfranco Fedele Pall Inn unfortunately in Italy there are also idiots like you. This does not mean that we will not continue to save those lives and to welcome them as should a civilized people. This makes me proud of being Italian.
  • Kwasi Appiah Kubi Most of these people are running away from wars ,bokoharam and arm gangs ...they are blacks anyway let them die ..who cares ...8 year old white girl had just been killed let's all pray for her soul lives has never matter to anyone anyway !!
    Johanna McMenemy No they're not.
    Alan Tausney we as the world have forgotten how to care about others, regardless of anything...
    Jidha Samuel Racism at its best
    Fessal Ibrahim They are running away from poverty, persecution and marginalization.Inseatd of risking their lives that way,wouldn't it be a better idea to do it for a good cause and overthrow their corrupt politicians and bring ones who meet their needs?
    Donna Maria Callus What a racist pig you are. Lets hope you die instead
    Mohammed Tahir Shawl He's being sarcastic i think
    Christine Glee I feel sorry for all them Racist's in here, so my question.... WHAT do you do for them ? You make comments about black lifes don't matter WHO ARE YOU to say things like this ??? Gerard Michael Sugrue Donna Maria Callus This word "Racist" is now a part of the latter day "Trojan horse'"' Wake up'! Before its to late. I call it the real Zombie aposteriori.
  • Luca Grillandini rescue ppeople is a duty, but what future for these people? italian streets ar full of jobless immigrants......they think to hv a future instead they dont find anything....
    Mo Bloomberg And they'll turn to crime let alone killing innocent people
    Yoko Ford I understand what you mean... somehow at this right moment you still have a lots to holdon to where compares to these refugees. In the bible God will never turn his views away from people who always helped others ... and God knows this rescue is not the first time for Italy
    Luca Grillandini am a volunteer i help migrants since long time, but the situation is critical....thousands people with different backgrounds living on the road without a roof without a job....many of them get drunk,other sell drugs or harass women n racismus is not easy
    Luca Grillandini they r alive but people need a future , job house family integration programs....instead most of them spend their time doing anything day by day month by month.....most of them ar young male....our country is becoming a big refugee camp.....there is abusiness behind this immigration....welcome who run away from war the other come back....otherwiese the others countries take a percent of immigrants....we dont need new banlieues....
  • Patricia Ware-Williams This is really a sad situation! I wish that the heads of various countries would do a better job in supporting their citizens to prevent them from risking their lives while trying to migrate to a better country. The countries that allow citizens to risk their live in an attempt to migrate to other countries should somehow be held accountable for taking care of their citizens. It isn't fair for the receiving countries to accept the burden of another country's responsibility, especially when the the receiving country is working hard to take care of its own citizens!
    Benedict Rozario In the name of refugees, some crooks are making money from these refugees. Somebody must be behind all these so called refugees and the motive is to take over the Christian countries.
    Aziz Abotonis All European countries that had colonized African nations should help in educate, develop and raise the potentiality of their colonies otherwise this tragedy will continue
    Sangar Aziz "Trying to cross from Libya 🇱🇾" Sent by ISIS thugs to slaughter innocent kids who're mostly unarmed! 😔
    Yoko Ford Bless the Italian and Italy May God always be with Italian people and their country ... today the Italian helped the hopeless situation of the refugees and I hope from today too, God will pouring a beautiful blessing on Italy. Without the Italian ... the refugees if did not reach to their destination, their life by now could be floating on Mediterranean Sea or sinking deep in the sea. Once again to Italian people May God always be with you!