James Corden ,Adele's legendary pipe James Corden's viral series, a hit-hit, peaked with Adele's legendary pipe in the mix.
British contributor ran through some rainy English streets, and the video received 135.8 million views, making it the most viewed video on YouTube's list.



  • Carpool Karaoke Navideño de James Corden 🎄
    Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga, Adele, Gwen Stefani, Chris Martin, Nick Jonas, Elton John y Red Hot Chilli Peppers.
  • Kirsty Munn This is third time lucky for me..... I had tickets for one tour and it was cancelled due to the operation on your throat. Then this years in March I couldn't go as I gave birth to my son so I am so determined to get tickets to one of these dates!
    Kyle David Saw her Monday night for her rescheduled show in Phoenix. All I can say is wow! Probably the best show I've ever been to. She was funny, humble, gracious, beautiful, and her voice was out of this world. Was lucky enough to score a front row ticket in the section I was sitting in. Will never forget what a magical night that was for me. She's worth every penny of the ticket prices.
    Faisal Sawabi If allowed us to come to Egypt in the Cairo Opera House love you and you will find a rapturous reception we miss you a lot, "the country of Egypt security and safety," I love you ' 💜💜
    Paris Lee Adele is my boo. I don't care what size she is she has always been sexy, she is very funny, and of course that voice of hers doesn't help me not adore her even less. I don't go to many concerts let's be honest there is not many top entertainers who can actually sing. That's why I usually just see Beyonce if I save up. I just went to my first rock/emo concert this year to see Panic at the Disco. But I think it's time to save up for the Queen of Neo- Soul once she gets done taking her break in Hollywood.

  • Margarita Carrillo Adele was gracious and her speech was heartfelt but if it was awarded to her by her peers, she should have accepted it simply knowing that music connects with artists and fans of all genres and this was her award to accept. I am curious, if she didn't accept it, who was it then awarded to? That was not clear. There was inference.
    S Nedraa Pouncy So even Adele isn't entitled to her own feelings.....amazing. And as we know vocally she runs rings around beyonce, her admiration stems from the message in the music. Music has ALWAYS embodied the sign of the times ALWAYS. And saying she doesnt deserve it doesn't mean she should give it up....she won.
    Michael Piwonski 🌽 corny. Shut up and take your trophy even though there are many artists who don't get recognition and make better music. Award shows are BS.
    John Skyelr-James Carney As embarrassed as Adele was knowing Beyonce deserved it. She humbled herself and I gain a little more respect for Adele. Just a little.