President Trump Participates In Joint Press Conference With SK's President Moon

President Trump answers questions from the media alongside South Korean President Moon Jae-In.

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  • Laurette Doherty O'Keefe Shouldn鈥檛 be discussed right now, but I鈥檒l answer with word salad. Neutralize? Hundreds more? There weren鈥檛 hundreds of people around. His logic is complete slippery slope. What an ass. Raul Amarillo 路 Exactly. I think what the two men did to chase him down and exchange gun fire was very brave. I commend them. Wholeheartedly. But the "good guy with a gun" didn't stop anything. Practically everyone in that church was shot, and over half of them killed. I fail to see the success of the "good guy with a gun" if 26 innocent people were gunned down.
  • Sandra Jones Yes, just when do you think it will be a good time to discuss gun laws?? My son was shot and killed Oct 20th, then two days later his murderer killed himself with another gun. Something must be done! Robert L McCoy Jr. 路 I am so very in your loss. I pray that our God will give you peace. There is no word I can say that will be able to easy your soul for parent should bury their child. Again I am very for your loss.
  • Rose Baumgardner 路 My heart bleeds for you. As a mother, grandmother and great grandmother, your loss is every mother's fear. God bless you and all the mothers that have had to bury a child because of guns in the hands of out and out killers. Laws need to change now. Our congress is bought and paid for by the NRA.
  • Rosie Malezer Ben Leaf, it is days like today that I look at Donald Dump and thank the powers that be that I am Deaf and unable to read his blowjobbing lips. Delia Wakefield Liuzza 路 Such a blessing for you! He sounds even dumber than he looks if that is possible!! I know several Deaf, white men that voted for him and still support him...and I can鈥檛 help but wonder if it is partially because they鈥檝e never heard him speak!!
  • Johnny Martian 路 Fact is you have more chances to survive a mass shooting if you are armed. There are too many big babies that want their government to protect them, instead of protecting themself. Gostavia Akount 路 Like all the armed people in Vegas who knew if they fired it would make things worse? Kathy Beck 路 As we saw putting more guns on the street law enforcement can't tell the good guys from the bad guys. Some well intended person puts themselves and law enforcement in danger. This is NOT a " well organized mallica" Johnny Martian 路 Like the armed guy, who stopped the massacre in Texas church couple days ago. People at concerts (like in Vegas) are unarmed. Mass shootings, without exception, only happen in so called 鈥済un free zones鈥: churches, schools, hospitals, concerts. The more we regulate guns and make them hard to buy and carry - the more mass shootings we end up having.
  • Laurel T Shaw Leslie 路 You should not have to carry to protect yourself. Wouldn鈥檛 you be surprised to find out there were people in the church who were carrying. It鈥檚 insane to have to carry. Before you answer my comments I carry I was a Marine. I believe in better background checks, banning certain type guns and magazines. Johnny Martian 路 Well, any place that you believe is 鈥渋nsane to have to carry鈥 is a great target for the next mass shooting. Mass shooters are cowardly in nature, they always attack gun free zones. You never hear of a mass shooting at a gun rally, do you
  • Suzan Shahid 路 Unless something is done to correct the insanity, their lives will have been wasted. Like the children at Newtown, like the people in Las Vegas, like all those that have been slaughtered in the name of the Second Amendment. Laura Buyka CHICAGO IS TEN MIN AWAY FROM STATES EITH BASICALLY NO GUN LAWS they forget to mention that Joan Ingram 路You, Little Donnie, is the biggest threat to the USA and the whole world!!! Stephen Hultgren Well, we鈥檙e not talking about guns in regards to THIS mass shooting, we鈥檝e let enough time pass since the LAST mass shooting, so we鈥檙e talking about guns in regards to that one...or the one before...or the one before... Evelyn Anderson Feeling hopeless? Wonder how to do something? Vote today. Vote for people you think will make a difference. Not just locally but think where they are going and if they will make a difference at the next vote. And the next. Vote today.
  • Gostavia Akount 路 He really does love Russia. But why does he keep saying this nuclear thing with NK needed to be dealt with "a long time ago" while claiming gun control is unnecessary. Lovet Canna-Juana 路 I'm so tired of this simpleton. He in cahoots with the NRA so he's only concerned about his own interests. It's so obvious. Lovet Canna-Juana 路 A failed business man. He's not a billionaire and he's a businessman who's not taking into consideration the people's interests. That's what makes him NOT the ideal POTUS.
  • Dale Ashcom 路 I guess we can begin talking about Las Vegas now, after all we need to be sensitive to folks that were murdered in Texas. Charles Walter 路 "Likes to play it close to his vest" but then announces we have a nuclear sub positioned off of North Korea. SMH Linda Precourt Seamans 路 So when is it the right time to talk about guns. When more mass shootings happen.... when more innocent children die, for what? For their "right" to possess guns of mass destruction... David Quintero Navarro 路 If the crazy guy did not have a gun we wouldn鈥檛 have to be talking about the crazy guy shooting all of these innocent people minding their own business on Sunday at church!!!
  • John Hosie Let鈥檚 talk about why the system failed to prevent this murderer from buying guns, despite being a convicted violent criminal. Let鈥檚 talk about the lack of proper mental health checks. Let鈥檚 talk about the rise of white domestic terrorism in our country. Randy Loeb 路 You can tell he has no idea what he's reading. No comprehension. No knowledge of anything outside of mar a lago. He is truly an embarrassment to the U.S. Bet he has no idea why there is a N. Korea and a S. Korea