Spanish strike causes chaos on roads

A strike called across Catalonia by pro-independence activists to protest the jailing of sacked regional politicians shut down roads causing huge tailbacks into Barcelona while some public transport ran minimum services.

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  • Des Adams Its about time people worldwide stood up to police violence and oppression. They are supposed to "SERVE AND PROTECT!" not violate, assault, criminalise, murder, and all the unlawful things they do and get away with. WELL DONE CATALONIANS, GOD BLESS YOU ALL!
  • Vince Wilkinson If I understand this correctly, they are saying that they want independence because they make all the money in Spain and the poor parts of Spain all Benifit from that money, so if London decided that because they make all the money in the U.K. And then that money is used to Benifit the whole of the uk it would be ok for London to have independence and become a separate state, its own country, and the rest of the uk can live off what's left, am I correct in this thinking?
  • Murray Kilpatrick Around forty years ago we were in Rambles around lunchtime. Suddenly there was a demonstration. Then the police quite brutally dispersed it. We were told later that it was the first day that the then new king Juan Carlos had visited Catalonia. I guess that was a historical moment that we witnessed.
  • Elenita García Vagos? No sólo producen y trabajan como bestias en un trabajo con peligrosidad sino que les sobra energía para defender su colectivo contra la mierda de sistema capitalista que pisa al obrero, crear conciencia de clase y defender los derechos civiles de su pueblo! Lávate pero bien la boca antes de hablar mal de un estibador!!!!!!
  • Louise Cotterill Man and woman in this planet earth more powerful than those minority they think , they have the power to in slave the nasses. Albert Pons Buckley Thank you all for the support, as a Catalan, it means goosebumps from reading all your comments , thank you all👏👏👏 Gracias a todos por el apoyo, como Catalan que soy, significa mucho para mi.. hasta se me ha puesto la piel de gallina, al leer...See more María Teresa Gomez Un helicoptero hubiera estado bien... Si el gobierno español no hubiera cerrado esos días el espacio aéreo para q no fuera filmado desde el cielo
  • Putin Jude Jay Ikemba The protesters blocked roads that transportation was grounded yet no one was shut by the security men. In Africa such Nigeria and Cameroon our soldiers will kill and Bury in a mass grave simply because our security men are wild animals in the zoo and they believe that human lives are useless. Aliyu Abdullahi Spanish government need to get Python to dance on their head, if they need help, we can lend them our Python since it has finished dancing in SE and the coward commander Kanu is now on the run, our Python is free for hiring.
  • Micheal Joseph Chibunna you see how some of this Muslims reason like fools, I wonder who made these ones equal with me, they are not humans... Ketchy Ketchy You can only get a python in a zoo, so that's why you have one in Nigeria. Other countries aren't Zoo and don't need pythons . Uwem Peters With such a senseless comment from a Cowsafoolani animal like you, Brafrans the only option to Southeastern, Soon it will happen and you will swallow you words, then hunger will deal with you and your generation, Mark my words Daddyboi Chu Chu Alubi That just show your level of foolishness you think other country's is like Nigeria? Cow brain Evelyn Odebode Thank you Osazee Idiaghe jare!you hear wetin Hausa goat dey talk?fool!
  • Princess Leans Unity is notured not false .la republic du cameroun keeps calling English cameroonians Biafra yet they don't want us to leave the fake union with them because they are thirsty of our natural resources. Biya and francophone citizens ordered the killing of Anglophones calling us Nigerians yet blocking our borders with Nigeria. We shall be free because we are different from them in every aspect. Felix Twumasi-Addow Na who causam?. Too much reliance on police brutality is counter productive clearly. Tony Cag This one makes IPOB agitation look like child's play of cowards and Facebook warriors 😂😂 they want to get freedom by truth while look at the real freedom fighters who all came out in large numbers despite the Spanish operation python dance... Radio Biafra Una never ready
  • Louis Man We are dying in Cameroon. Many arrested, internet cut off, many killed and their corpses carried away to unknown destinations, harmless people receiving a bullet on the leg each, our sisters are being raped, our bikes and houses burnt down, homes deserted and we now sleep in the bushes with heavy rain falls, no transportation, no commucation, no help, no rescue, only death, wailing and morning. Someone help me tell the world we need rescue.
  • Sofía Pérez muted by spanish government who gives now all the information because our institutions are closed by them. We want our elected representatives out of the jail!. The self-determination is a right of all the nations but Spain is using the violence and repression against a peaceful moviment. Shame on Europe!
  • Diane Marie Why should I move to Canada? I lived near the boarder of Canada and USA, hell as kids(American and Canadians) we traveled freely on dates between the countries . Can't do that today. Canada is a beautiful country,but I'll stay here in the states. Pilar Barrionuevo Moro Spain is far safer than the States. You should know that. This is the police stopping people from doing something illegal. These people knew that and decided to get in the way. And this is not Spain everyday. 1969 is a longggggg time ago. Anyways, have a good day! I love the States, by the way.
  • José L Miranda You do know that the main Independence Party of Catalonia are pro capital center rightists rushing to push independence because like the oppressor parties from Madrid they are all facing jail due to corruption charges for robbing the Catalan treasury, don’t you?
    Jim Boussios I wonder if they're the ones putin pays...
    Patricia Altube You should better stick to the truth; the party running for independence is a union of 3 different parties, of which only one is right-wing. The head of the government is indeed from the latter but it required a long and hard discussion to choose him. ...See more
    José L Miranda Patricia Altube right , and without him the rest would be in a vast minority, wouldn’t they? And including the old CiU crooks they got what 53% support for the resolution to have a referendum?
    José L Miranda And since we are sticking to facts didn’t one of the other two parties invite Arnaldo Otegui ( who was behind EtA when they bombed HiperCor in Barcelona killing dozens of Catalans) to one of their rallies? Lovely people
    Patricia Altube It's not a valid argument to talk of what hasn't happened. The population voted for a joint party, in a plebiscitary election process, ad hoc designed to pursue independence. People who voted independence were not voting CDC but the independence.
    José L Miranda You know the old saying “be careful what you wish for” George Soros is rooting for you, either way I wish you well, I was born in Barcelona and even though I’m just a charnego I still won’t be resenting Independence if that’s what a majority wants, heck , I live in the US, most people here think the 2nd Ammendment is Shangri La, go figure
  • Michael Handelman "We are all slaves of capital. Liberation begins with the refusal to perceive oneself in terms of the categories of capital, namely as proletarian, as member of the new middle class, as capitalist, etc. Thus we also stop perceiving the other - in his movement toward liberation - in terms of those same categories. At this point the movement of recognition of human beings can begin. This is obviously only the beginning of the liberation movement, and is continually threatened with failure. Refusing to take this into account denies the power of capital. What has to be perceived is a dynamic. We are slaves; our goal is not to become masters, even without slaves, but to abolish the entire dialectic of master and slave.": Michael Handelman "One can only speak of the victory of the proletarians to the extent that one simultaneously affirms that they will not realize it as proletarians, but in negating themselves, in posing man.":