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  • Journal d'un pique assiette parisien suis-je le seul à ne rien comprendre à ce post ? ou bien est-ce d'un total désintérêt total, juste une une preuve merdique de l'existence de GQ sur la toile ?!
  • Marjo Solo Dolo Vous puez la haine et on ne sait pourquoi ... Qu'elle se montre en fille pourrie gâtée du King Of Pop ou, en tant qu'adulte ayant une vie comme nous autres vous trouvez moyen de polluez bêtement son image ... c'est juste de la haine et rien d'autre !
  • Eric Mehudin Depuis quand qu'il faut une autorisation pour jouer du ukulélé des les rues de rennes et à tout ceux à qui ca dérange et bien ils sont qu'une chose à faire c'est de fermer leurs guelles car et bien ci elle veut visiter les villes de France en jouent du ukulélé elle à tout à fait le droit et il y a qu'à lui foutre la paix et la laisser tranquille
  • Greg Coleman This little white girl doesn't know what racism is or how "this nation" was 'built' and 'still is' ran off racism. Capitalism feeds racism. All of this liberty and stuff she talks about wasn't meant for blacks. That was exclusively for whites. The "forefathers were racist and had slaves themselves. This country was never meant for equality to all whom reside in it. Her and people like her need to get a grip and come to terms with reality. Racism is big business. Racism is America. Racism is white people. The end of racism is the end of the European power as we know it. If racism were to end, white people across the globe will suffer and lose their security and reap the consequences of their past and present actions
  • Sandra Bettis Well she may be white but they said nothing about her being blind. Believe it or not, most white people can see that racism exist for others just as you know that homelessness exists for others. How are you confused by that?
  • Greg Coleman Now she is ignorant. But I'm not condemning her. Her ignorance isn't entirely her fault. She is a victim to mental conditioning and brainwash. I do believe her intentions are pure. I've read other articles of her speaking. She knows a little something. She knows far more about the music industry then I. She knows that her "father" was murdered for a particular reason. And although her father practiced some self hating actions. He had some revolutionary ideas. So maybe i worded my initial comment in a bad way and I came across as if I was attacking her. Those weren't my attentions. I was just stating that she doesn't completely know what she is up against. And that she is ignorant as to how this country opperates
  • Leelee Rochelle She's so friggen gorgeous and he was quite a looker ;) plus... Since when does the child HAVE to look like the father??? My older brother and I both look like our mom and my other 2 siblings don't... It's like Maury when the guy goes "that baby can't be mine! S/he looks nothing like me!" Well, uh... Why can't they look like the mom?
  • Heather Pompee Lionel Richie adopted his daughter Nicole and she refer to him as dad. Lionel and Nicole do not look alike or have any traits but she still calls him her father, and he , his daughter. It really doesn't matter; in her eyes mj was her father. So I'm just wondering why cant society get past the color of this young lady's skin that she is White and her adopted father is black whether he implanted his sperm in the in vitro process, a child was born, and he claimed the baby his child. it doesn't necessarily mean that she might have his traits she would more favor her mother but it's irrelevant; the fact is that young lady is his legal child
  • Velma R Hill Mj has a beautiful daughter!! It don't matter whether she was product of a sperm donor! He says she is his!! So be it she is his!! He loved his Children!! Even if she wasn't that close to her mother she is the one who carried her for 9 months!!! She wouldn't be here if it wasn't for her.
  • Trina C Bacon That is not Michael's child they made sure they got his money so these white people do they plant a white person right in that spot to get that money always are ballplayers are actors only the ball players and actors in the ones with money they plant a little white cheerleaders right by him they put them in the position where they're only around white people so they can get that money that's exactly what they did I love Michael but he was stupid he was lost in the world of whiteness he thought they loved him but they loved him as much as they love O J Simpson
  • Larry Cunningham I can understand where so people are coming....All the children in the world a white girl & white boy...Which means that she/ he will probably marry a white man or woman...Now with Michael's money that could have been generational wealth to the Jacksons family, but it will probably end up taking care of their white children. & before someone could at me with that racist bs white folks do it all the time.
  • Deangelo King Okay, how the hell is it racist to say someone doesn't look like their supposed biological parent? Did someone say something mean about her? Was the white race demeaned some how? Sorry but facts don't care about your feelings, she does not look like MJ. Does that mean she isn't a nice person or something? No. Damn people, come out of your feelings and use that logic.
  • Nedra Hendricks Thank U Chasity Chandler ,,,We R All Aware that he Is not the Bio father,,,Micheal is the only father she know she Loves Her Father No matter What is Said,,,,, We do have IGNORANT People here,,,,
  • Greg Coleman I'm sorry but very few people, white or black, know what racism is. We feel it. We know that it exist. But not what it truly is. So I will explain Racism is a verb. Racism is a power dynamic. If one cannot control the 7 areas of activity, one cannot be a true racist to the negative. These areas are: 1. Economics 2. Entertainment 3. Labor 4. politics 5. Religion 6. Sex 7. War Racism is hate AND the power, control, and ability to dominate the reality of others as a whole. People of color don't have that ability to marginalize the white race as a whole in any way. Racism is more than just your personal opinion of a group of people. I believe Sandra Bettis that what you are referring to is called prejudice
  • Janet Denise Dilworth Aqueelah Carter, Great. So, what Do you think about some of these People who's Language has been a Whole lot Worst and very Disrepectable than my Language. If you have read any of My Post like you have Claimed. Then you should have caught on How I was mocking them. I'm not using the Lord name in vain or Disrepecting his name. See this is the reason why People need to stay out of other People Business You just got it so Twisted.
  • Lanell Johnson Why does it bother u or anyone else that she's MJ's daughter. You people focus on the wrong shit. He claimed her. He named her. So who the hell cares whether she is biologically his or a sperm donor. Michael Jackson claims her as well as the entire Jackson family. Why does it worry you so much? Don't say it doesn't because it does you wouldn't be on commenting her birthright.
  • Janet Denise Dilworth Angela Deverveld, I must have step on your toes? Because you look like a money hungery BITCH. And Ignorant isn't a word for you. You are a fake ass wannabee who Probably wish you could have tried to screwed Michael for some of his money. But don't Play hate on me.
  • Monique Redmond Cynthia Smith it doesn't matter how much changing and surgery you do to your appearance you will always still look like your parents when it's all said and done even when you have children. There are part of you no matter what