One year later US sends Trump a message

Today marks exactly one year since Donald Trump won the presidency. Democrats congratulated the President by giving his party a thumping at the polls yesterday.

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  • Darrin Siegfried We'll, since he's had three marriages, 42 business failures, four bankruptcies, 3,500 lawsuits filed against him, I guess he has to have one thing he succeed in doing. Too bad it was fooling a gullible public.
    Rose Ann Yannarella I don't care how many other people went bankrupt or what they did. I am concerned with this sitting president. He is not a fit man to be in this job. He speaks out of both sides of his mouth. Calls for businesses to come back to America ....bring...
    Nell Schiavi Laura Walker I've seen some deflection arguments in my day, but this one's a doozy. This isn't about Jack Walsh, this is about Donald Trump. Donald Trump has been party to over 4,000 lawsuits and unlike Jack Welsh his is included Rico violations, fraud...
    Luan Mane Irene Budoff Jack worked on world currencies and best interest rates...GE is a multinational company...defaulting on bank loans for cause is as common in industry as rain
    Luan Mane Mona Prater yea so what? Do you know the difference between personal bankruptcies and chapter 11? The latter is restructuring..Donald Trump never went bankrupt...period. About 1MM entities go under every year under STRUCTURED you you know what that means? You citing me statistics that have zero relevance means nothing....answer the question now
  • Rose Ann Yannarella I'd take 10 Hillarys compared to this blow-hard. What a braggart WHy does he care about winning the election. He actually didn't win. He was given the presidency by the EC, that isn't a win. Hillary beat the pants off of him. At least we wouldn'...
    Alicia Mae Olsen And think of all the wonderful and tremendously beautiful words he`s been saying since then. Some of them he can't even pronounce and if a word he is looking for dosen`t exist, he will simply just make them up. Just like he does with all his alternative facts. Isn`t he great??? :P
    Jane Townsley I still think somehow some of the swing states were rigged. And I can't think of anything that will ever sway my opinion. He was too much of a longshot, he had less than 24% of eligible voters supporting him and now we see how heavily involved at least one foreign country was involved in our election. To me he is an illegitimate President. He knows it too, that's why he is so surprised still.
    Hilda Maine But still with little hands, feet, brain and a biggly mouth! I woke up this morning, I looked at the sky and guess what! "It was biggly BLUE! Oh! I'm so happy and BLUE today.
    Mia Persephone FaKKKe presidency in$talled by Ru$$ia will end SOON thanks to Mr.Mueller ‘s investigation ...& thank YOU,Mr.Mueller for TRULY making America great AGAIN !!!

  • Shannon McCown When he says “I’m President and they’re not” my thought was “Donald, you’re a child and they’re not”. He is ridiculous ... absolutely pathetic. That said, my apologies to actual children. Please don’t take this as an insult to you. A child is supposed to act like a child, a 71-year old man is not and the children of the world are far and away infinitely more mature than Donald is.
    William Petty And the Republican people wonder why their agenda doesn't move forward because your Pres. can't let go of what he already one, which by the way doesn't mean Dick in the real world the man is a loser, good luck looking in the mirror and living with that...
    David Rayner The man is a narcissistic egomaniac!!! What would you expect him to talk about all the time? He probably believes the hymn, “ How Great Thou Art”, was written to honor him!!
    Alice East-Gallardo His self-aggrandizement turns my stomach. I do wish, however, that someone would give the man a Thesaurus! He needs to enrich his vocabulary.
    Rena L. Lynn Self absorbed con artist. He’s got nothing to brag about. He’s an incompetent moron who is insanely jealous of his predecessor. Someone needs to tell him that he’s not a gift to humanity, the world doesn’t revolve around him and that he’s not the center of the universe
    Kevin D Grams that was the last time our great dealmaker won anything at all. we are all going down with him.......what really sucks is to see it happening and know that the only ones that can stop him are the cowards in his own party....
    Lynne Tracy Poor man is unable to live in the present. Yes, he won. However, his performance since elected is neither winning hearts nor minds.
    Ed Forlines We're seeing what a success this administration is. Not so much. He has to find something to brag about, like an alcoholic washed up high school quarterback, 20 years later.
    Dan Keel That's from the Republican play book. If it's repeated often enough for a long period of time people start to believe it. Trump actually lost the popular vote.
    Ann Gale What an insecure man, who constantly needs reassurance that he is successful. Nobody who is confident in his own ability needs this much stroking.
    Jerry Diaz He can tell the story when he is locked up along with all the rest of his cabinet of hate. I am sure even they will grow tired of hearing it eventually.
    Hans Loos Yes, Celebrate that day . History will remember you for what you destroyed the years after. The havoc and hate you left your country in and even negatively influenced the world. A dark period where America lost a lot of respect in the world. By the way, to international standards you lost the election with 3 million votes
    Anthony Griffin The idea of the American citizens of the United States commonwealth of Puerto Rico, have been without a power grid for 2 months, has become Donald Trump's "Hurricane Katrina" on his watch & to think he had the audacity to give himself a "10" on rating his job performance on assisting the island of getting back on it's feet. Unbelievable!!! 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
    Debra Contreras But you know.. The BEST day is going to be the day he is impeached or resigns! The birds will sing, the skies will be blue, dancing in the streets, drinks for everyone.. and life will be good again. America has always been great until this #ManChild entered the WH. Illegally I might add. #RiggedElection - #RussiaGate - #45MoneyLaundering - #Collusion45
    Ellen Power He lost by 2.833 MILLION, and if he was in any other country he would be sitting on his golden throne at home. Yeah, great victory. (sarcasm)
    Kathryn Colacicco Actually California and New York voted for Hillary, the rest of the country voted for Trump. Each state has so many electoral votes so she might of got popular vote because those states have a lot of people, but the rest of the country voted for Trump.
    Mel Stewart I know better. In that sense I have no country. I cannot align with that. I would not fight for that. Maybe my country will avenge it's defeat someday. Maybe I will live to see it. Maybe not, but my country surrendered itself one year ago today. It has been occupied by agents of greed and the ignorant masses that follow them since then. I am dutiful to no country currently.
    David McCoy I HATE trump. But now I look at him and I think he feels he is a comedian. I really do. I don't think he believes what he says, but that he will get laughs. Rather than his remarks being funny, they are biting remarks. There is nothing worse than a comedian who thinks he is funny, but nobody laughs. That Is trump. Plus he is a lousy president/person.
  • Tommy Gallagher Imagine if he actually didn't get shelacked in the popular vote, and if it actually was a "landslide" Electoral College victory ..... And those Electors should be investigated, because they proved they're useless for their Constitutional intended purposes, and should be amended, or on the take, and voted their new offshore accounts.
    Walt Seely Even when his entire administration is under investigation, his narcissism is out of control. His poll ratings are abysmal as well. As Tillerson said, "A moron."
    Röbert Äiken The big day I'm gonna remember forever will be the one where they drag him off screaming in handcuffs.
    Bobbie Fisher I guess he falls back on that because it is the only accomplishment he can actually claim in his Presidency to date. I doubt he understands how stupid he sounds going on about it a year later. I can only pray that the result would be different if the vote was repeated now. He's a total ASSHAT!
    Alina Szpak What bothers me how big slob he is - I am waiting to see him in good suit buttoned up and siting without "men spread" with legs so far apart that his crouch is in the center of the picture! Not impressive - very much matching his small hands! 🤣😂😆
  • Paul Swain Robert Landry We know that a hallmark of an intelligent mind is doubt -- the ability to recognize that which seems incredible and do a little research to uncover a few facts. Does it not strike you as incredible that Republicans have tried to prove S...
    Janice Tinker Robert Landry embarrassingly unsuccessful attempt at deflection, bubba. But I guess you would not be able to comment at all, if not for your default setting of "deflection."
    Keith Allen Paul Swain ask them. I have no idea.
    Keith Allen Robert Landry he says with spittle flying from the corners of his mouth.
    Sharon Roy But liberals didn't listen to their moms!🤣
    Paul Swain Sharon Roy Not sure why you think this is about liberals (or conservatives, for that matter). It's really about Americans who care about their country. Please remember that Mr. Trump, like Mr. Reagan before him, spent most of his life as a Democrat. Party may be important to politicians, not so much to patriotic Americans.
    Kathi Malone Paul Swain she has not been convicted nor charged for any crime. What is the deal here?
    Paul Swain Kathi Malone Are you referring to Secretary Clinton? If so, you're echoing my point exactly. I've no idea what the deal is, but Republicans seem to live in hope of proving the Secretary guilty of something, anything...
  • Murton Edelstein Elaine Kramer Eike...and you are to blame for what we have now, and if you are okay with a man who is mentally unbalanced, a profligate liar and charlatan, then you need to investigate what is wrong with you and those like you who thought they were being clever and voting for Trump...nothing clever about it, nothing smart, nothing fact, quite the opposite...
    Murton Edelstein Paul Swain As Ricky use to say to Lucy, she has some "'splainin' to do." I'd like her to explain why, in light of all his clear and disgusting misogyny, any women, especially one claiming to be a Democrat, could vote for him. This had better be good.
    Teresa Cortese and what are you doing ? dissin our President
    Michael Lee Springfield but when he said im gonna lock u up........ he won the was awesome
    Paul Swain Michael Lee Springfield Ever hear a potential leader of a country suggest throwing his/her opponent in jail before? I'm betting it wasn't in an American presidential election, was it? We actually don't do that in the United States.