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  • Tracie Shockley Southern Knowledge doesn’t necessarily mean complicate. The world has known for a very long time what goes on in Hollywood casting couches and everyone has always turned a blind eye. Why persecute this one person for his knowledge of it when we all knew it?
  • Rick Boyd lets just take men out of everything so the perfect women can run the show...they seem to be without fault after all...it's sad the bravery takes 30 years to come out. kidding ,kidding...i am real single hiding in my man-cave forever
  • Joe Mayer Isn't it interesting that the people that populate the entertainment industry in Hollywood, and who work in the various areas of the industry - film, TV, stage, are now falling over themselves to blackball individuals like Damon for having the audacity to have an opinion on the subject of 'sexual harassment'.
  • Tamara L Tlt No one can say anything, no one can have an opinion, no one can even breathe anymore. It's going too far and now there is no validity. What's truth, what's blame, what's the whole story??
  • Victoria Wagner Looks like many people are taking what Matt said out of context. I, for one, (and I'm a female) wouldn't have waited years to report harassment or assault. Some say because it would ruin their career. I say, what makes your career any different than mine?I chose not to be a victim. I felt a lot of respect for myself for reporting it in a timely fashion. For those who waited years, how did it feel not respecting yourself or feeling like victim for all that time.
  • Scott Wertz Why does anyone need attention for just doing what you’re supposed to do, which in this case is not doing something despicable. Heck, where’s my trophy? And hey, I haven’t murdered anyone, can I get a cookie?
  • Nicolette Kirsty Chinomona You don't know what you would or wouldn't do until it happens to you. Take a seat please, just count your blessings that you haven't gone through this and read stories of assault survivors on why they take so long to tell people. You have the internet. Do some research.
  • Michael Glazier Reading comprehension is a real problem. Victoria clearly stated that she was in fact, also a victim, but she didn't wait years to report. Being a victim herself I fail to see how she is "victim blaming". It's amazing that you have someone here who has walked in these shoes yet you seem eager to forget that. Some of you are literally minimizing her experience because her view doesn't fit what you think it should be.
  • Vickie Fleming Yacko She literally said, "for those who waited years how did it feel not respecting yourself or feeling like a victim for all that time." That statement alone is at least victim blasting... And very rude. Blaming? Probably not. But blasting, yes. You stood up when it happened 👏 bravo... You want a gold star, too? Don't sit there and blast those of us who weren't that strong. This isn't a pissing contest FFS!
  • Dawna Rae Hicks Vickie Fleming Yacko I’d also venture that sometimes there is strength in biting your tongue if the abuser stands in the way of what you want. It doesn’t mean there isn’t a cost, but that isn’t the survivor’s fault. It just means we have to go twice as far to get what we want, and do it with absolute tenacity. That’s strength too.
  • Karl Dunkleberger Funny women can not tell anyone what the correct way to act is": but they can tell you when some one needs to be fired! we call that the Warren test! know what the warren test is? nothing to do with kennedy!
  • Adrian Grant Matt Damon does way more than the accepted minimum. During the ice bucket challenge, he drank water out of a toilet for one of his causes (getting clean water to those in need). He also had/has (not certain if still active) an initiative for people were/are food insecure. For these reasons I think Damon deserves the cookie more than you do, friendo.