Democrats score gubernatorial wins in Virginia, NJ

It's hard to overstate what Tuesday's sweeping victories mean for Democratic enthusiasm and excitement. The party that needed a win got a bunch of them with a night that replenishes the bench and rejuvenates the faithful.

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  • Nicholas Moore She never made Transgender the issue, she ran on a platform and apparently, one that appealed to voters. What a great day for the haters, to sit behind the keyboards and try to make a lesser deal of the #VotersBeingHeard #RockTheVote
  • Trish Hillmantel Guys- don't get caught up in letting these little Repthugs get your goat- that's all they have- throwing insults- five year olds use the same tactic Robin Dilegge-Roy I'm not scared of anything Mel Porter. I'm just pointing out what hypocrites you dems are. You want everyone to accept this man but you won't accept Prrsident Trump. I could care less who wins in Virginia seeing i live in Massachusetts.
  • Kenny Roberts Yes, Sandy Parker Machen. We here in Virginia are very happy with the results. It's more than just voting for a "D". It's voting against anyone with a "R" now which is the exact tactic played out in the the Presidential election and we've learned from that.
  • Lynn Di Mauro Adrian Morin, I don't respect some just because of their title. I respect them for their character, integrity, humanity, intellect. ..etc. Non of the aforementioned apply to 45.
  • Kenny Roberts Yes, Sandy Parker Machen. We here in Virginia are very happy with the results. It's more than just voting for a "D". It's voting against anyone with a "R" now which is the exact tactic played out in the the Presidential election and we've learned from that. Angela Dietrick Geoffrey Harley..not many decent women would want Trump to do it either. I sure wouldn't want him leering and lusting after my teenage granddaughter at a scholarship pageant like he proudly boasted he did. He's one sick old pervert. Tillett are so right. I think people sadly thought this country wasn't so ignorant as to vote a blowhard reality tv person to the presidency. Also he did win on electorial votes not popular votes. Funny he campaigned on a stance
  • Timothy Canizales Now if I believe nothing in the universe caused the Big Bang & through years & years "macro evolution" (0 evidence & different from micro evolution) took place & little cells evolved into fish, into a land creature, into a mammal creature, into a monkey, into a human. Don't you think that would be a delusion? Don't you think that would be a mental disorder? Have you ever seen nothing create something? Mark Miles So if there wasn't as much evidence in stories from The Bible, you wouldn't believe it? I mean I do have my own evidence. Frogs exist. 3 legged frogs exist. Something had to create the universe. You can't disprove my frog theory any more than I can dis. So you think things are incapable of changing over time? That's all evolution is. Things changing over time. Tom Graves Vinnie Chenzo Domino You are over simplifying complex issues. There is a difference between life (organisms and clumps of cells) and life as a person/individual. Plants and bacteria are alive but we don't give them personhood.
  • Mark Miles You're clearly not very well educated but I like your passion for science. You should actually study it. You'd be amazed at what you find. For many people, after actually studying science- it has strengthened their faith in a creator as well. The thing...See more Timothy Canizales Mark Miles well there is 2 types of evolution mark, micro & macro. Micro evolution is living creatures evolve over time to adapt, but that doesn't change the fact that a cat is a cat & a dog is a dog. Charles Darwin taught that each creature has the sa...See more Mark Miles yes mark I do believe God created Big Bang, now keep in mind energy does not produce life (laws of thermodynamics). So life must have been placed here by a creator Mark Miles No I get it. You cherry pick science to support what you personally believe. You use names like Einstein to form a defense, but then continue attacking science. It's alright man I used to be just like you. Just keep reading. You'll get there eventually. Ed Blazer It's a fair trade actually. Couldn't get the real thing in the White House so opted for an imitation as a governor. Not crying here. Timothy Canizales Mark Miles I don't cherry pick I go by facts. Otherwise I wouldn't believe in a creator. How am I attacking science I love science, & macro evolution is not science, that's a religion, 0 evidence absolutely 0. This universe runs on energy, once that en...See more Timothy Canizales Now this can be a never ending convo lol but we got way of track. Now let me ask you, don't you think there would be something wrong with me if I identified myself as a dog & ran around butt naked around the park? If you don't think there is something wrong there, I don't know what to tell you. No difference from identifying you're self as the opposite gender.
  • Matt Barbeau Mark Miles I've read pretty much all the comments in this thread. I'm impressed, but your (and my) time has been wasted. Great argument from both sides. Unfortunately, some people can thoroughly educate themselves about any and all subjects but still see the world with a narrow perspective...there is no convincing, no amount of evidence that can change their minds, let alone seriously consider the other argument. Mark Miles One last thing. I used the 3 legged frog God as an example for a reason. It just sounds so ridiculous. Now, if I start posting about frog theory on my Facebook for a couple years maybe make some memes, wrote a frog poem, a few short frog stories on Facebook and our world gets destroyed, maybe 6000 years from now the remains of the internet will be salvaged and my comments become a part of history. It can then be used by future generations as "evidence" of a frog God. It would help even more if I claimed to be the son of Frog. Lol take it easy.
  • Timothy Canizales Mark Miles you actually believe through millions of years we developed a conscious? & if it did why would you trust your own thoughts & your own reasoning? I'll ask again mark, don't you think something would be wrong with me if I identified myself as a dog & ran around butt naked at the park? Mark Miles Yes I would and I wouldn't go online bashing you for having a mental disorder. I wouldn't make jokes and laugh. If you thought you were a dog but managed to make your way into politics and succeed, and make positive changes for your community- I would ...See more Timothy Canizales Mark Miles thank you & truly everyone should be treated the same. But I'm tired of liberals pushing to make it "okay" & "normal" upon the world & preaching its ok to kids. By all means be trans be a cat a tree or whatever, I have no problem with it, but when you try & implement it on the world, it's a problem Lee Martin Timothy Canizales, nobody is trying to push anything on you or kids like that. It's called people want understanding and compassion from others. Not hate and name calling and putting someone down because they are different. Like most Republicans and don cheeto