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  • Josh Bootherd Well I don’t need to see the film now 😂 If you or anyone you know has been affected by the words in this comment, keep it to yourself. Likewise if you are unhappy with its contents and wish to alert someone on my I know. Please scroll on by and refrain from mentioning it to me, or anyone else On my friends list. Freedom of speech mother f***er.)
  • CH Dave It looks like they learned a lesson from the last film like between Park and Lost World. Mix the cgi and animatronics. Less is always better. The Lost World was may favorite besides the San Diego part because it felt more real. I also like the darker take which this film looks to do as well. If it's really good, then just keep bringing back Jeff since he's in the better ones. Side note: I did like JW better than JP3
  • Kevin Shea William McCarty Finally... getting back to real animatronic dinosaurs... didn't I say that for the last one... I'm sure I also said no cheesy script writing... I guess they'll listen to me in the 3rd movie.
    Travis Saner I have high hopes for this movie after watching the 3 minute first looo. And I'm happy they're using anamatronics. It always looks more real. Its what made jurassic park so good
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  • Cameron Nichols I’m deeply concerned about this one. The plot sounds Corny and exactly like Jurassic Park 2. They are taking Dino’s off island again. Remember, San Diego? I also hate how there’s a volcano that threatens everyone. This could be terrible.
  • Tony Richens Pillz You know i wasn't keen on Jurassic world , i don't like the whole breeding super dinosaurs , i mean a standard dinosaur is good enough right? Why go over the top and breed something that wasn't even in this world in the first place. I think the original films where better without the raptors going all Albert Einstein on us.
  • Marcus Joseph Oh for f*cks sake! There wasn't a whole lot of reasons to think that this was going to be any better than the dumpster fire that preceded it. But now that it's clear producers haven't learned one of the most basic lessons of why Jurassic World was so bad...ugh!
    Joshua Clark Wait why did they kill that dinosaur?? Don't they know these things are on the endangered species list?? Nobody has seen one in the wild in what feels like millions of years...
    Scott Rakowitz OMG! They beheaded a dinosaur to make this movie? What the hell? I thought they were supposed to protect animals, where is PETA on this? I bet this is why they always go out of country to make films so they can get away with this brutality.
  • Brianna Johnson Kaitlyn Prisk yeah sorry I can’t watch this there’s no way I’m gonna sit and watch the animals die and run for their lives 😑 nope was gonna give it a chance but nope eff it lol
    Matt Killioni time we retire the Jurassic franchise ; same tired old predictable story line - raise cute cuddly dinosaur ; dinosaur grows up ; dinosaur hungry ; dinosaur eats yo ass. Enough !!
    Dylan Yarka Also just saying. A T-Rex wouldn't try to eat people. They were probably scavengers for one but even if they weren't we're awful as a food supply.