Happy Death Day - Official Trailer - In Theaters Friday The 13th October

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  • Amed Aguirre I had a dream where I jumped and couldn't stop going upwards to the point where I saw the solar system then the orion arm 26,000 light years away then I kept going farther away till my brain started making a weird noise😨 to the point where the universe started to look like brain cells like neurons then the noise in my brain got louder and i started to feel the connection between me and the universe bro that's the craziest dream so far I've ever had .... I so clusters , nebulas, contelations, black holes, super novas , pluto zone the kuiper belt , and farther , all types of galaxies till I woke up
  • Troy Phillips Pass this the same type of story as Marlon wayans naked movie on Netflix, Hollywood give up you have no talent anymore Alvin Cortez Jaricel Roman this is the movie you showed me before. Im more interested now that they saying its good and more of a dark comedy. :) Brian Reuther Tyler Zeke Brooks boom right in the review, won’t scare you but will entertain. You’re gonna see it with me. And Katie Brooks lol Amed Aguirre I have had dreams similar to that waking up like 8 times and still a dream till I wake up for real then I be thinking I'm still dreaming Dustin Scott I just finished watching it at the movies. Anyone who wants to know the secret but doesn't want to watch the movie I can tell you I guess
  • Damon Ekstrom 7.9? This .1 system is ridiculous. What separates a 7.9 from an 8.0? Just give it an 8.0 and call it great, which according to your review would be pretty spot-on
  • That moment when #killingit takes on a new meaning on #FridayThe13th. 😱 Thank you @univ ersalpictures for having me at the premiere of @happydeathdaymovie. #LoveBugNation, if you caught my #behindthescenes fun that night, you know how much I enjoyed it. And now YOU can see it too! 💃🏼 #HappyDeathDay is in theaters now. 😘 @ Los Angeles, California
  • In this mystery thriller, Theresa aka Tree is the queen bee of her sorority, controlling those around her without ever getting too close. Things seem right on track…
  • until she’s suddenly murdered. Somehow Tree wakes up the next morning only to find out that it’s not the next morning, it’s the day she was murdered…again
  • Forced to relive the same day over and over again until she figures out who is trying to kill her and why, Tree has far more suspects than allies in this game of cat and mouse. Hopefully she figures out the key before she runs out of lives.