With Ryan Coogler hard at work finishing post-production on BLACK PANTHER, a new director has been sought out for its sequel CREED 2. While many speculated it would Sylvestor Stallone, Michael B. Jordan instead has announced the new director via Twitter. You check see the tweet below:

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  • Raquanza Collins Can't wait love all the Rocky's and I'm a huge fan of yours Michael B Jordan! ❤️ I know your going to do a excellent job with this movie your an excellent actor more amazing things for you on the horizon keep
  • Robert Singleton I have to say I've been a rocky fan since the beginning and I was alway wondering what would they do once Apollo died and I'm one of the best fans of there work and I know you guys put in major work in bringing apollo's legacy back in full thank you all
  • April L. McClinton I just watched the movie. I love it. There were parts where I cried, some where I laughed, everything. You & Sylvester did that. Bringing the old school with the new school & making magic.
    Robert Cardona michael, youve come along way since the all my children days, ivev always been your number 1 fan, hit me up and let me know when youare doping a fan club event in new yourk, good luck with creed, buddy.
  • Lunkovich Tromofski What people seem to forget is that the Oscars have never been about what movies the public liked or went to see the most, they have always been about "the craft". Hence why we the public don't really care about them anymore beyond the fact that it is a bunch of famous people in one place. Pretty much for as long as the Oscars have been around films and people get nominated that the public is just like "You're kidding right?". They have always been decided on concepts the viewing public just plain doesn't care about, because we're not actors or film makers. When we watch a movie we watch it to be entertained, we're not paying attention in such a way as to be judging how the actors are playing their roles or trying to figure out what style of framing the director was using for this shot or that scene. The entire reason Creed received any nomination was because despite the title it is actually Rocy VII and Stallone is pushing 70, as is the Rocky character making it one of the longest running movie characters in terms of aging of the main character/s. While Adonis Creed is of course a central character in reality the story isn't about him but rather about Rocky passing on the mantel of the old school heart that was the trademark of Rocky and Apollo's careers and lives. It reflects the time honored story archetype of surrogate father/son using the also long existing framework of a warrior/fighter trying to do right by his friend/comrade's child. This wasn't so much a nomination based on acting/directing quality as it was a nod to a veteran actor in recognition of what from a academic standpoint would be considered a remarkable theatric accomplishment. And I'm sorry, but you do all understand that there are plenty of non-black actors, actresses and film makers that have never won an Oscar or even been nominated regardless of how many blockbusters they have appeared in. Honestly and frankly this argument sounds like people are just saying "They deserve an Oscar because they are black.". No one is trying to make an argument that Michael B. Jordan simply gave such an epic and driving performance, but rather "The movie was good, he should be up for an award.". But by that same logic should Stallone still be up for one? Should they both be up for the same award? If so and Stallone won would that be racist still or simply a case of a veteran actor performing better than a less experienced one? When it comes to the Oscars all you really need to ask yourself is "Am I a theater professor?", if the answer is no then don't pay attention to them.
  • Kevin Kowalczuk Sorry but Creed was a boring shit movie, the acting was mediocre at best the fact that it even got one nomination is a joke. And if the Oscars is how you measure racial equality you are a sad fucking person, you need akolades and awards to tell you what your million dollar box office movie hasn't already told you. I don't care if your black, white or purple, the Oscars have never been about what the people want, its never spoken for what the people like. It's Hollywood giving itself a hand job, and let's be honest whites don't run this shit or decide this shit, stuck up money grubbing Jews do. If you look at stats blacks are actually hired equally just as much as the demographic of the population that exists in the states, they also win more Oscars than that percentage, and just because in two years they didn't make any over the top great movies doesn't mean everyone is racist or trying to bring black people down. In fact Asians and Latinos are the ones getting snuffed out of roles and nominations. Check yourself people before you speak.
  • Evan Kearney Creed was Rocky VII (need I say more?), and Straight Outta Compton was my favorite movie of the year, but hey, is there anything artsy about Dr Dre and Ice Cube jerking each other off about how important they were(are). Just saying, also yeah Beasts of no Nation-Netflix Original, Oscars don't even see them. The academy is probably a bit racist, but no more than everywhere else on the country so like, make a big deal about it, but like give me some material to get behind, all those movies everybody keeps touting are absolute dick...
  • Brenda Jenkins Kautz This movie is excellent! It will make you cry and remember what touched our hearts with the original "Rocky". Michael B. Jordan is someone we should all watch out for going forward - amazing talent. I'm inviting the The Academy to consider Sylvester Stallone as Best Supporting Actor this year! His best performance EVER!
  • Hector J. Abundis Jr. I just got home from watching Creed, and man, it is truly inspirational. You don't have to be champ and have a shiny belt to win the heart of the people. It's getting hit and keep moving forward how winning is done. 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 <---- five stars to CREED... I love this new chapter in the new franchise..
  • Yvan Nicot Sauf que Stallone a toujours dit Chuck Wepner avait pas du tout été l'inspiration pour Rocky: C'est une situation, un simple combat entre Wepner, annoncé perdant et Ali grande star de l'époque. Wepner était présent, mais ça n'est pas Rocky.
  • Steve Lyle "Rocky" is one of my favorite movies. It's a metaphor for life representing a modern-day tragic hero. I've seen it a hundred times. The rest of the "Rocky" franchise painfully stumbled in the shadow of Stallone's brilliant screenplay and acting from 40 years ago. I was totally amazed at how well "Creed" tells the same basic story in a fresh, heartfelt way. Make no mistake, it's Michael B. Jordan's movie; he's the star with his physical and emotional portrayal of Donnie, but it would have been nothing without Stallone's awesome portrayal of a wounded warrior ready to die alone and unhappy. Rocky's scene where he shares his take on mortality is wise beyond measure. His determination, realism, and humor surpass the original movie, perhaps because we have seen life's toil upon him. A great movie makes an audience laugh, cry, cheer, and reflect upon one's own life. Last night's showing had that effect, including applause at the end. Director Ryan Coogler's fresh approach to this timeless story connects us to the characters like a roundhouse punch. I loved how he pays homage to the original "Rocky" with subtle touches: Adrian, Pauly, Mickey and Apollo have brief cameos only Cuff (or Link) is still alive on Rocky's mantle although Donnie's training run is escorted by bicycles, he runs through the old fruit market briefly chicken chasing still gets a laugh a few lines get reprised, such as "Women weaken legs" the final bout's musical score is similar to the original when the E note blasts four times to match the four knockout punches, and the Rocky theme plays briefly angelic voices still sing at the end Although these are nice shout-outs to the original, "Creed" makes a name for itself on its own merit. It's much more than a movie about boxing; it's a movie about life. I highly recommend it.