Caminito del Rey

I remember shaking my head as Expert Vagabond explained to me his plans for hiking Caminito del Rey, a cliff-side walkway in Spain that has crumbled to practically nothing. You couldn’t pay me enough to want to take this trail. Hold your breath for the final scene.

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  • Jarrod Harbrucker Most dangerous hiking path in the world? Concrete steps, boarded wooden pathways and a railing to hold on to the whole way. What sissy made this video??
    Rob Smith there's one in china that has no hand rails and the walkway is made of old planks. there's also one at maccu picchu that has no hand rails and the steps are only two feet wide.
    Irene Camacho García That’s in Málaga, my hometown. Just yesterday I passed next to it ob the train. But will never do it, so scary. Some parts have nothing to hold on to, just the rope they give you.
    Mourinka Zrzečková this is so not true! it used to be dangerous before the reopening and not possible to cross without a proper equipment, but now an 80 years old grandma can pass the entire trail in 1.5 hours.
    Lucan Secretario That's no match in our country. Kids are crossing dangerous trails and rivers just to get to school. Our past government administration corrupted the funds.
    Jacob Johansson At least there are som rails protecting you from the edge here, compared to e.g. the top slopes of Angels Landing in Zion... which is seriously scary!
    Ellyn Tong Kalalau is more dangerous that that! At around the 6th mile, half a mile of marbles (loose rock) with a 100' drop at your right the slope is 30degrees, where you have to make your own footprint? (I hope they have improved it since then) ...and you're carrying a 40 pound pack!
    John Loiacono Looks really cool, but there are unrestored parts of the Great Wall in Beijing that scare me more than that.. Jian Kou, etc But as others said, there are crazier places in China and the world..
  • David Mcarthur The five sisters of kynital is considered to be the most difficult Highland path in Scotland when you rise up not more than a foot wide path to 5000 ft to fall again too the apse of the falls of Glomanch when they say Rob Roy jumped to his dead forlorn and wasted after searching for his sister .
  • Kevin Hsu I did this "hike" in June. It was pretty lame. Some nice views but I really wish they fixed the original walkway instead of building a whole new boardwalk on top of the original. It took the adrenaline rush completely out of the experience. You would be better off climbing the ladders down to the Ronda gorge nearby than to do this. By the way, nobody mentioned how much parking sucks here and that groups are only limited to max 60 hikers at a time.
    Steven Maes I did the walk last year in September so to say it re-opens is a bit extreem... the view is nice but you make it sound way more spectacular than it is in this movie so for me misleading info. But nevertheless worth the visit because of Nature.
    Michelle Viegas Kendra Kennedy we should do this as our next thrilling adventure. I’m sure your shoes won’t fall off so you won’t have to worry about that aspect of it
  • Jan Liekmann Has to be booked months in advance. Only limited number of people are allowed on this at the same time, obviously. It's very famous, close to Costa del Sol, accordingly crowded.
    John Stewart Nóra Quigley Hi Nora...they have actually turned this into something like the Gobbins Coastal Path. No danger at all .. not even scary. Back in the day it was a different kettle of fish...bits of the plank pathway had fallen away .... a lot more exciting
    Keemee Gorriceta This is the kind of adventure I'm looking for. It gives you the rush you need and peace of mind when you look at the calmness of your surroundings. I'd come here in the snap of my fingers if I had the choice.😊