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  • REAR NAKED CHOKE UFC 218: Angela Magana gets knocked out after wardrobe malfunction during brutal fight.#ufc women fighters

  • Viewers will not be able to see the incident on the replay of the Fight Pass prelim card as the UFC has removed 15 seconds of actual fight time from round one.#female ufc fighters
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  • There are no losers in #MMA at this level. Can you really call Oliviera a loser cuz he tapped to strikes? Whoever gets hit with an elbow like that is smart to tap out. You can look at any match up and no way was there a loser. What if you got caught like Overeem call him whatever you want but you gotta have balls to get in there like that time after time. #ufc218
  • Paul Hadley Miller She's about the most unappealing woman in the UFC. Between her and Bethe Correia, I don't know which would be the most awful to know in person
  • Coby Eastern Alright that’s a whole lot of out of cage drama and 5 straight loses, please cut this attention seeking trash now.
    Bryan Bass Watching her get whooped like that is always a good time. Sleazy c-word magana good job amanda look forward to see her fight again. #angela magana nip slip video
  • Vincenzo Luvineri UFC 218 refereeing was beyond terrible, specially herb fuckin dean, the early as fuck stoppage, and the fact that he almost took a point from Teymur for just fuckin fighting, Keith didnt take a point from magana for holding the cage and denying the takedown and dan miragliotta didnt notice 2 illegal knees.... Referee's dropped the ball hard at UFC 218.
  • Travis Anthony Worry less about how cyborg looks and more about how to fight. Yoor a bun Angela Magana hahahaha you suckkkkk . no amount of makeup can fix your internal uglines. #magana nip slip
    Ty Tim Magana and Colby Covington, the next power couple. They have so much in common, they both run their mouth then call the police when they get put in check.
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  • Chuck Fischer Quit trying to make excuses already, you had a shit Camp, refused to come to the states to train just so you would have an excuse after you lost. You are pathetic. You wouldn't get all these comments if you were just a decent person
    John Kuba You can't compare yourself to the other fighters in the UFC and say you are at "this level", you've lost every fight and perform terribly. this last fight just goes to show that you are not on their level. You'll probably get cut, the only thing that could possibly save you is a little bit of media attention from your nip slip. #angela magana wardrobe malfunction pics
    Jason Feczko But to be honest, I respect you for going into the octagon, but you just need to be humble, your not conor McGregor, if you won a lot then maybe you can talk smack, but being winless in 6 years doesn't give you the right lol
    Will Supv Tough loss, considering all that you went through with the hurricane in your adopted hometown.I can only imagine how difficult it must have been mentally and physically to train for your fight with all the problems that you still strong and god bless.
  • Nathan Holliday You couldn’t fight your way out of a wet paper bag, even if it had a hole in each end. #magana wardrobe .I suggest you put said bag over your face and go back to Puerto Rico!
    Joseph Cisneros Fighters are in there to put on a performance, to entertain a crowd. To tap to strike, he quit after getting hit, what did he expect to happen when you fight? Fighting is a choice, nobody forced anybody to get in a cage to fight against their will. If you don't like getting hit or taking a beating, make better life choices. People pay their hard earned money to watch a fight. Fighters get paid to... fight. And if you think you aren't Paid is enough, negotiate a better contract. Plain & simple.
  • Ricardo Ignacio 0-6 record in the UFC, I mean, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to recognize that she is not a good fighter, and the very bit of relevancy she gained was due to her big fuckin' mouth that eventually got bitch-slapped nice and good.
  • Brandon Schiavone FINALLY !! She was such an embarrassment to the sport and made mma look terrible. She would have never had a legit sanctioned fight with Cyborg but damn I’d love to see her walk Angela down and just mutalate her for all the harassing and shit talking she did to her.
    Adam Bocknek Still try's to take a shot a cyborg, coward. #ufc magana boob(brave to step in the octagon, all the credit in the world for that) but a total coward and excuse artist. hideing behind her twitter to insult someone she knows could break her with a punch
  • Megan Cigelske No. Magana was on a 6 fight losing streak. She was a blemish to the sport and she was a bully. I wished you would have knocked her out. I'd go on a starvation diet and fight her free. I despise her.
  • Christopher Wendle that's what you get for lying and claiming sexism when there is none. Tyron Woodley better pay attention because he may be next for his race baiting crap. He has stopped doing that which I'm glad because he is a likeable guy and I was starting to hate him and most others were as well.#angela magana slip . Sean Lafferty if you were someone's boss and then constantly made false accusations against you what would you do? Like I said in glad tyron stopped that because he is a genuinely likeable guy and is once again becoming one of my favorites. Demetrius Johnson's little talk with Tryron clearly worked. Robin Gooner Guyton where did I say there is no such thing as racist people? Why do people like you always do this? You completely ignore what someone is saying and counter with something completely different. I was a white boy in the deep South in all black schools so trust me I know what racism is. If you want to experience racism try being white in an all black school once. It's irrelevant because I never once claimed nor implied that there is no such thing as racism and I can't believe 2 people liked your retarded comment. If you are claiming the UFC is racist you're a fucking moron.
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  • Esop Fuchsia You're an idiot. 6 fight losing streak for Magana vs WW champ? Tyron has earned his right to talk garbage because he's winning fights; Magana's release is due to her poor performance as an athlete, not her stupid fucking comments
    James Lamb Theres always some fool who interprets whatever you say as "racism".#angela magana nip. Tyron just has to go back to knocking dudes out Instead of winning decisions and he'll be a star. Great look, great physique, Intelligent speech and knockout power. He has everything just needs to put it together and not complain so much.
  • Carlos Montalvão Funny thing: Jessica Eye is on 4 straight loss and still under contract with UFC. Kailin Curran was on 3 losses streak and was given another shot. #angela magana nipslip.What both Kailin and Jessica have in common? They don't shit talk about everyone and everything. Also they have a victory in there, at least
  • Joe Carron I am glad you are gong back into training. You showed some improvements, and honestly after being off for so long, and having just went through a hurricane and the pain and loss that came with that, I felt you did a good showing, for whatever that is worth. Maybe you can get in some Invicta shows, or just get some good wins on the local circuit, and bam, you will be right back in the thick of it.
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  • Michael Anthony McDaniel I think her behaviour is due to her knowing that this was the last fight on her contract and she knows she won’t be resigned to another contract. She’s dug her grave in and out of the cage. Much respect to anyone who fights and puts it on the line.#angela magana nip slip pic But in the humblest of sports and where respect and the act of respect is paramount she’s missing the point. All kinds of ways to respond and express yourself. She likes drama and creates it when there is none. Now she has no way to stay relevant. The more someone says she doesn’t care what people say means she cares too much. She’s not a bar person. She just doesn’t know what loving yourself and having respect for yourself is all about. That’s all. Give her a break.
  • Justin Kluck Or she just needs to fucking not get her ass beat like she always does. Does her corner plan for her to get into the worst spots and positions in every fight so she can take her opponent off guard and surprise them but she runs out of time getting her face punched in? Lolol NO!! She just isn't good, and she gets herself into spots where it's important to GTFO and do something, not just ball up and get beat for 30seconds with no intelligent defense of any sort. She's the worst
    Jeremy Leclercq I can honestly say that the biggest wars and toughest fighters in the UFC have been women hands down, while watching the ref let them go to war! It's going to happen, that fights stop early, or go to long, and the ref will do what they think is best at that time! If you're gonna play the "dick" card, go play fucking volleyball... #ufc 218 nip slip .Maybe that's a sport more suitable to you're being a bitch!
    Thomas Charles Angela was on her way to losing a third round---with all of them arguably being 10-8. This is just a coping mechanism to not have to admit she got her ass whooped. Bec said the same thing after PVZ finished her, Leslie Smith said the same thing after she got brutalized by Cyborg---its not anything new. #magana wardrobe malfunction Does it happen? Maybe. I wouldnt be surprised. But it's coming the most from the women whose stoppages weren't even close to being bad.
  • Cameron Vanicelli I didin't watch the fight, and I do hate when Magana talks so this is by no means advocating her, but I have noticed that they stop women's fights incredibly early. Again, this is more in a broad sense, less a statement on this direct fight. I heard she got the shit beat out of her.

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  • Rodney Perry Hence, this why Angela Magana is the villain we love to hate. And she absolutely knows how to keep herself relevant. Imagine if she could just win a couple of fights in a row, and how much heat she would have. Keep doing you thing Angela Magana, but eventually the schtick needs to have some wins.
  • Chris Laf Lady you got smooshed. #Angela Magana body gym .Dont be mad that you went through all the trouble of getting fake tits, then letting one pop out. Yet it did nothing to help you win. If anything it made your weight cut harder. 3 in a row though. Good luck in Invicta, maybe try porn, you already got a head start there, what with your leaked nudes and nip slip and all. Or maybe be less concerned about how you look, and more with how you fight.

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  • Ethan Wick I need a jiu-jitsu instructor to help me with my rear naked ground-and-pound technique. I think when it sounds like someone is repeatedly hitting a heavy bag you are doing it right. From the Skills you displayed in this video I believe that you would be quite the jiu-jitsu instructor for me.
  • Ivan Hidalgo Watching your videos Angela if you just dropped the Your Majesty act and showed the heart I perceive you to have in the videos as I'm sure others do too you might actually have a bunch of true blue fans who don't care what your MMA record is or how big your butt is. This is real. This is what gets you respect. Not the rest. Good luck.
  • Paolo Darcy The problem is you decided to use your fake CNN spokesperson BS to get donations for the "victims". Problem is, you requested for donations directly to your personal "gym" and bank account. Prior to the storm, you wouldn't shut up about how over the top all this hurricane hype is. Now, look at the position YOU put yourself in.
  • Sonny Luque Real help would be an act of kindness without expecting anything in return.. Anything meaning attention and self gain from a catastrophe.. I know of alot of people whos name bares weight and have been helping relentlessly without trying to look like a good person or seeking approval from social media..
  • Hank Jackson We sent a check to help Texas and Florida and kinda strapped at the moment but was wondering if you would consider having auction selling some of your used clothing?
  • Harry Callahan Angela, the haters are everywhere. Look, I've seen interviews from you where you showed your real heart. The haters don't want to see that. I've seen you explain yourself. I think you're cool and just doing your thing. I hope everything is okay and they get your guys help and fixed soon. I still don't know how are people are there. I am still running support because the place is down there