Which party will win the 2020 U.S. presidential election?

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  • Here are 16 candidates who could run for Democrats in the 2020 presidential election

    Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders

    Though Sanders lost to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 primaries, the Vermont senator gained a devoted following among younger, progressive circles. Sanders' support of free post-secondary education, increased taxation for those making over $250,000 and universal healthcare makes him the anti-Trump that many in the Democratic Party have pined for. Between his progressive views and millions of votes gathered in the 2016 primaries, Sanders has a real chance of becoming the next Democratic nominee — if he wants to run again in 2020, when he will be 78. He is already touring the country with political speeches.
    Former Vice President Joe Biden
    Biden, who served as vice president under President Barack Obama and successfully negotiated several budget deals, became the subject of heated electoral speculation even before the results of the November election. Biden shot down the idea of running in 2020 at a recent New Hampshire rally, but his frequent political appearances and insistence on rebuilding the Democratic Party after the November loss has kept the speculation alive. “Do I regret not being president? Yes,” Biden said in March of deciding not to run in 2016 after his son, Beau, died of cancer. Biden said he felt he had a "better than ever chance" of being elected if he had run.

    Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren

    In the aftermath of the 2016 election, Warren has emerged as one of the most respected members of the party for her progressive, anti-Wall Street stances and outspoken criticisms of Trump. Many liberals attempted to convince Warren to run in the 2016 election with the popular "Draft Warren" movement, though she eventually declined. Her profile was raised again this year when Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell silenced Warren in February after she criticized Attorney General Jeff Sessions by reading a 1986 letter from Coretta Scott King about Sessions. At a recent fundraising event, Warren supporters shouted "2020!" as she walked into the room.

    New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker

    Longtime New Jersey politician Cory Booker has spent the last decade rising in various governmental roles, moving from Newark city councilor to mayor to US senator over the last 20 years. His status as a rising political star and frequent national appearances would seem to suggest that Booker is intrigued by the prospect of a presidential bid. However, he has said recently that he is "not open" to running for president. Booker has strong support in Wall Street and Silicon Valley and among centrists. At 48 years old, he is significantly younger than Sanders, Biden, and Warren. Still, he will have to overcome attacks from the left that paint him as "an avatar of the wealthy elite, a camera hog, and a political cipher." His bold testimony against Sessions' nomination to attorney general and his frequent appearances in support of social-justice issues could help in that effort.

    New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand

    Like most candidates on this list, Gillibrand has insisted that she is not vying after the Democratic nomination in 2020. That, however, did not stop supporters of the outspoken Trump critic from speculating about the possibility of a Gillibrand campaign. Gillibrand's moderate-leaning views earned her initial distrust among some parts of the Democratic Party, but she has become increasingly vocal about LGBT rights and gender equality. As a result, large swathes of supporters have called for her to run. When Gillibrand spoke at a January rally against Trump's travel ban, many supporters chanted, "Kirsten 2020!"

    Minnesota Sen. Al Franken

    Franken, the former SNL writer and performer-turned-senator, has been vocal in criticizing Trump's policies and has shifted from being seen as a jokester to a serious political force. A senator since 2008, Franken has been a strong advocate for Democratic priorities, helping push for healthcare and financial reforms. In the first months of the Trump presidency, he has proven a powerful challenger to Republican figures during Senate hearings. With a combo that includes humor, progressive politics and almost a decade in politics, Franken could gain traction as a candidate for 2020 if he chooses to run.

    New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo

    After Cuomo appeared at the National Governors Association meeting in Washington for the first time in six years, whispered rumors of a presidential candidacy from the New York politico have gotten louder. "We need to win back the middle-class while pushing progressive values," Cuomo said at the private governor's meeting after the election. Cuomo has been criticized for his fiscal conservatism and his frequent politicking, but his centrist approach help him win over Republicans disillusioned with Trump.

    Businessman Mark Cuban

    Even though Cuban has called himself a libertarian "at heart," the host of "Shark Tank" and owner of the Dallas Mavericks has been a vocal Trump critic and came out in support of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election. Still he holds some views that would be potential wild cards if he were to run as a Democrat. But he has been becoming increasingly active in the political sphere, as Business Insider's Allan Smith has reported. With one reality star already in office, Cuban could offer a Democratic alternative in the 2020 election.

    California Sen. Kamala Harris

    Harris, the former California attorney general, made history in November as the country's first Indian-American and second female African-American senator. Despite only being in elected office for a few months, activists have already begun calling for the California senator to run for president in 2020. Harris is personable, progressive (routinely fighting for criminal-justice reform and marriage equality), and was endorsed by former President Barack Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden in the Senate race. At a November panel on powerful women in politics, three high-profile panelists named Harris as a candidate that they'd like to see run.

    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

    Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced at the beginning of 2017 plans to visit Americans from all states, as well as creating non-voting shares of his company that could allow him to sell his capital without abandoning power. The moves led many to speculate about possible presidential aspirations. While some have been excited to see if the rumors pan out, others are loudly speaking out against even the possibility of seeing another political outsider, and business luminary, run for office.

    Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar

    With more than a decade spent representing Minnesota in the Senate, Klobuchar has been mentioned frequently on lists of potential candidates for the Democratic bid in 2020. Klobuchar's combination of humor (she once joked that first lady Melania Trump has upended her as the most famous Slovenian in American politics) and high approval ratings as a senator could make her a viable contender in 2020.

    New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu

    Landrieu has been put forth by both The New York Times and CNN as a possible candidate in the 2020 election. The Democratic mayor has gained significant support in a conservative state — during his two terms, he made efforts to reach out to New Orleans' immigrant community and fought for the removal of the city's Confederate monuments. Landrieu does not yet have the national following to be a viable 2020 candidate, but the repeated nods that Landrieu keeps receiving make him a mayor worth keeping an eye on.

    Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe

    Leading the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe has both the platform and the connections (he was a longtime ally to the Clinton family) to make a bid for the Democratic nomination in 2020. Unlike many of the other candidates on this list, McAuliffe did not rule out the possibility of a 2020 presidency — in fact, ABC News reported that he said that Democrats have the power to "take back the White House." "I've never seen such energy of people coming out to say I'm going to run," McAuliffe said, adding that Trump could help unite Democratic pushback in the future.

    Former first lady Michelle Obama

    After Clinton's loss in November, despondent Democrats and fans of the former first lady have attempted to "draft" her into running in 2020. Hashtags such as #DraftMichelle and #Michelle2020 have trended on Twitter and Facebook, and petitions sprung up asking her to run for office. While Michelle Obama left with the office with a legacy of standing up for health and education, she has frequently said that she has no interest in going through the election hullabaloo all over again.

    Kanye West

    Kanye West has said many times that he will run for president in 2020 — at more than one of his concerts, the VMAs in 2015, and later that year. While no one knows whether to take West at his word, his candidacy would mark another political outsider, and celebrity, in the mix.

    Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

    While it is rare for American presidential candidates to run again after a defeat, Clinton is no stranger to defying expectations. Decades of political experience and continued support in the country's major cities (she did gather more popular votes than Trump in November) mean that Clinton could still try again for the presidency in 2020. Just six months from her stunning defeat, she has again begun to build up her political profile. It's unlikely, but never say never.

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  • U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders

  • George Gruber No matter the source the facts are the facts. Nothing illegal about it. It is legal for a Civilian American to speak to a Russian !
    Camilo Conde Trump is president. We should focus on him. Just like when Obama was president, we focused on him. It is our civic DUTY as American citizens to constantly criticize when our president does something wrong, and it is the same duty that drives us to INVESTIGATE when we believe they may have done something wrong.
    Dustin DiBenedetto Defending Hillary Clinton while condemning shady politics....the irony
    Adria Jackson LETS TALK about FREE COLLEGE.. ooo wait its hard to do that when your wife is busy lining her pockets while bankrupting one. FUNNY how he's stopped talking about that huh!??!
    Monte Lutz Indeed..... Or they just ink deals with them to sell Uranium and personally profit from it, sell influence for donations to a foundation while holding high office..... This election cycle was an absolute cluster, that's a fact. Both "choices" are either filthy dirty or as pure as wind driven snow.
  • Janet Sanders Why oh why were people so opposed to Hillary Clinton that they preferred this mess of a man. No, she was not perfect, guess what, we HAVE HAD imperfect presidents before. Bu,t she would have protected healthcare. She would be in the Paris climate accord. Her cabinet would have competent people. She would not have a neo nazi advising her in the whitehouse. She was respected around the world. Noone would pretend they dont speak English to get out of talking to her. She would not tweet all day or give away classified intelligence in closed meetings with Putin. She would not be destroying the State department. She would not hire Chelsea to run the government. Here is some advice for 2018 and 2020. Vote like it actually matters. If you don't our kids, grandkids and future generations (if we last that long) are going to hate our guts for totally screwing up their country and our planet.

  • Joe Biden Former Vice President

  • Michael A. Loomis III It's not like our hero was walking around with his AR (which is legal here in Texas). He retrieved it from a secure location in his own home across the street from the church. The Dems are so completely backward with regard to guns it's just sad. I sure hope the walking gaffe machine former VP decides to run in 2020.
    Steve Hanna Spot on as usual Liz! Of course, we know that Biden and the others really want to take all guns away and have total control over our lives and make us totally dependent on government. Truth and common sense are irrelevant to the Dems. Oh, and wasn't Old Joe the one who bragged about having a shotgun at his home to scare bad guys away with or something like that?
    Mitch Rose Joe Biden and his cronies think that if they can manage to take the guns away from all of the Americans here that would fight them, then they could begin to initiate communist socialism here in the United States. It's their dream to rule over us and ta...See more
    Larry Froese I know wishing some one to have a heart attack is wrong, but Joe Biden and people like him need to get a different country.
  • John Martin Liz, you're better than that. Biden didn't say anything about taking away ALL guns, he said that it would be better if we banned the semi automatic assault weapons like the AR15, which is designed to allow a shooter to spray bullets in rapid fire fashion, and enabling someone to kill a lot of people in short period of time. You should work for FOX news with your tendencies to present a false thesis.
    Chris Pryor The next time Joe Biden says ANYTHING that makes sense??? That will be the first time that he's said ANYTHING that makes sense. Liberalism truly is a mental disorder. I firmly believe that not only as a joke, but seriously leftist thinking is fundamental flawed at its root core. It's that simple. Who in their "right" mind would willingly choose tyranny over freedom?
    Emery Cobb Joe Biden only p r loved me right when comes to gun violence, the only thing police would be there in time for is to draw the chalk outline on the ground of the victim
    Mario Martinez Jr So in other words this guy, who was the vice president, WAS...thank God. Wants us to show up to a gun fight with a knife. Sounds good. You meet force with force. When under stress you miss more than you hit. So I should stand down a crazy person with an AR-15, with a 5 round rifle?? So while I have to reload the other person can light me up? Are you freaking kidding me? This is why m4 are used in combat. Oh and by the way, make no mistake, we are at war here on our own land. That's for those of you that will say, but this isn't combat. Think again. When someone commits mass murder, you'd better believe it's a time of war people.

  • U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren

  • Tommy Roberts · We have the best Senators here in South Carolina !! You know why? NONE ARE LIBERALS!! Our family left that overtaxed hell hole Massachusetts years ago without one regret . When you see what the new tax plan does to your wallet in that high taxed commonwealth , you might be leaving too . Do not come here , we are overflowing with northern escapees .
    Heidi Scholes · Tommy Roberts If everything is so wonderful in SC why are you trolling Senator Warren? When you see what Trumps tax plan does to YOUR wallet come back and tell us how wonderful conservatives are. Fear not, most folks from Massachusetts wouldn't move to the south if you paid us, myself included. Glad you found like minded folks to live with, and glad you left us. You are not missed.
  • Bonnie Wagner I would really like to see a Warren/Sanders team in the Oval Office! They both have the people on their side because they make it very clear that they are FOR the people, outrageous politics and big money aside, where it belongs!
    Jessica Rabi Fortin Thank you Elizabeth Warren fighting for American people and thank you Democrats for fighting for American people and we love our Democrats and John McCain
    Simon Sytsma Your awesome Senator Warren thank you for all efforts I wish you would ran for President instead of HRC but there’s always 2020’
    K Marie Kastenschmidt 😶so many times I feel hopeless. No matter of the numbers of citizens calling, reps vote against popular leanings. Get $$ out. Thank you Warren for fighting for the will of the people
    Terri Grail Leadership, integrity, intelligence, compassion, reasoning skills, knowledge, things that describe her. Thank you for looking out for us, not the wealthy, not the lobbyists. Thanks, Florida loves you.

  • Senator Cory Booker is backing Phil Murphy for Governor

  • Delfino Rocha Yeah I no longer believe in Democrats or their promises. Specially someone like Phil Murphy who is not even qualified to run for governor. All of a sudden you care about the little guy and the hard working families after making your money with Goldman Sachs? I'll gamble away on someone else.
    Charles Henry He won't get my vote. Yeah that's what we need, someone to fight against the president for eight years getting absolutely nothing done but collecting your pay check. We don't need anymore bums, we have enough. Morons.
    Miriam Vic Boker its backing him because murphy its a corporate democrat just like him, a wall street ceo its the last thing we need, the best we have is John Wisniewski, he has Bernie Sanders support.... the dnc has become a joke, backing a wall street ceo....unfucking believable......
    Sal A. Giacchi Booker and Menendez voted against lowering drug prices for New Jersey residents. Not surprisingly, Booker endorses Phil Murphy, a pawn for the pharmaceutical and fossil fuel industry. What we don't need is another billionaire fighting for the super rich at our expense.
    Deborah Rachel Let's take our property taxes and give them to the inner cities but nothing changed so we work more hours for your liberal concepts that's New Jersey for you
    Fir Ahs How can you be progressive and yet accept donations to your campaign from the likes of Goldman Sachs and Jared Kushner, Mr Booker? I don't trust you and don't believe you. You're full of it!
    Pamela Sierchio Inelli Hmmm.....Cory....what party controls Trenton?.....Its the Democrats in Trenton that has ruined this state and chased out much of the wealth and business...

  • Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand

  • Doug Cambell As women speak up, the fear increases and you see the toxic masculinity on display. Laws written to silence women on sexual harassment and violence No More. This attack against women from this administration has inspired women to stand in solidarity! I stand with you.
    Esther Donaldson Their role model is Trump. He joked about how easy it is to grope women. Guess he had experience with that. Just an unfit President
    Elizabeth Kirisits Funny how interested she is now that so many came forward, but Ms Gillibrand ignored and. I reed up my request for help with a case involving the NY judiciary- guess the Judiciary is too,powerful and above the law for the Senator! She also worked as a...See more
    Kitami Woome Kirsten Gillibrand should run for President in 2020. She can win and become the the first Woman President of The United States.
    Neilya Smith Saw on Laura Ingram last night talking about this I guess some male Congressman sleep in their offices just read an article about VP Biden couldn't keep his hands to himself
    James Gayland Brown There’s a serious sexual harassment problem in the world. Maybe attitudes and actions will change as quickly as they are with other social problems. One can only hope.
    Shirley Dempsey You go girl! For all of us who have stood sexual harassment and were afraid to do anything about it, now is the time! There are a lot of wonderful men out there who have utmost respect for women. But there a some who think they can take advantage and get away with it. I'm sure their model starts with the current potus

  • U.S. Senator Al Franken

  • Joey Danielsen Adams Thank you Sen. Franken for standing up for the average American! The GOP does not have its priorities straight -- they serve only the wealthy and big business and they are more interested in attacking the Affordable Care Act (a/k/a "Obamacare"), because they hate that it was passed under President Obama's administration, than they are in actually helping Americans to have affordable health care.
    Joey Danielsen Adams William Kubat Most Democrats would probably give you that. The GOP -- no way. They don't even care if you have health care at all.
    Jim Pechacek The mandate gambit is an interesting twist. If this passes, healthcare premiums will go up for everybody who is not either demonstrably healthy or under 30. If you want no healthcare, this is the way to go, and the republicans are eager to give you not...See more
    Lynn Bottge I do wish more legislators would have your sense of responsibility toward the "little" people whom you serve. Thank you.
    James Keller The better option is a single payer system. Get rid of these greedy insurance companies and watch the price of healthcare go down. At the very least we need a public option.
    James Keller Andrea Snell you’re right, what was I thinking. The only chance for universal healthcare is to have people that will vote in favor of their own interests instead of against them.
  • Jacqueline Jennen Healthcare needs to be a right, no exceptions, no exclusions, this is no place for profit. Help end our failing " profit off the sick" system now! We can do better. Pharmacist here 🙋🏼 I'm not answering anymore non constituent bots for propaganda on the status quo. There will be a meeting to discuss healthcare reform on December 12th at 5pm 3822 east lake street, upper loft, not fancy. Come on up, say hello and join the discussion. We need to make healthcare reform a top priority in the 2018 congressional elections 🇺🇸❤️✌🏻️ When I was younger I worked at one of the giant retail chains. One day I get to work, pick up the phone and a man asks me "How much is my girlfriends prescription? I get paid tomorrow and she really needs it". I plucked the bag out of the bin and it's covered with old insurance cards and notes from previous pharmacists calls to the companies. This woman had no insurance, but she was trying. I see it's a prescription from an ER visit 4 days ago. I suspect she is probably suffering from a bladder infection because of how and what was prescribed. I ask my coworkers if they knew. The other pharmacists complained about the "stupid woman" who was giving them discontinued insurance cards in an attempt to pay for the $80 antibiotic who was wasting hours of their valuable time! 🙄 I see the patient has no allergies. Why did the MD chose the expensive antibiotic? I told the boyfriend to give me 10 minutes to call that ER doc. The doctor yells at me this "stupid patient is going to have kidney issues if she doesn't take her antibiotic". I ask the MD to change it to the $4 prescription which also covers the gram negative bacteria and tell them to come get it now. They hugged me. It took me 10 minutes to use my brain to solve this problem. The MD blamed the pharmaceutical rep promoting the expensive option, the pharmacists blamed the poor woman for "trying to get something free" and I went back to the U with this story and said "You need to do something about admission standards. It doesn't matter how well educated or experienced a provider is if they are hung up on judging rather than caring for people." We CAN do better. We're just too busy trying to make the biggest profit!

  • Governor Andrew Cuomo

  • Kevin Bryer You do realize that it is New York's taxes that are hurting people, right? And as a member of the New York state government, you can do something about it. This is like blasting someone with a fire hose, and then complaining when someone takes away their umbrella. The umbrella is not the problem.
    Penny Carlton It's time for you to go...NY taxes are ridiculous...tired of paying for you liberals and your idiotic ideas. You liberals are blood suckers to the the middle class. Why don't you and your liberal friends actually work for the people of New York and do something for us!
    Marie Keenan Gaudioso The reduction for corporations is the same thing you've done by giving corporations "10 TAX FREE YEARS" to come to NY. You really need to stop twisting the truth.
    Mark Drescher Helping corporations helps build the economy and add jobs. It then helps the people to get jobs and off “the system”. Unlike how you continue to drive business and people out of NY.
    Steve Beinart Tony Morales It worked great during the 80s, under President Reagan. The country and jobs and the economy boomed. I'm sorry if somehow YOU weren't able to do well. Everyone else did fine.
  • Helen Kyle I guess we like paying for things like StartUp NY (now renamed Excelsior), which has spent $600 million on tax breaks — and $53 million on advertising — to create only about a thousand jobs, one-third of the promised number. And Cuomo proposes to spend another $50 million, some of it to build an exposition center, $15 million of it to install a year-round gondola connecting the state fair to the Lakeview Amphitheater across Interstate 690. Who cares if we have jobs, we have gondolas!
  • James Czebiniak The middle class gets the short end of the stick vs big business and wealthy donors to politicians. Who pays for big business tax cuts and what gets chopped off? The deductions the middle class needs and uses to make ends meet. 1.5 to over 2 trillion dollar deficit added over the next 10 years when big business gets permanent tax breaks, what's next, cuts in Medicare, Medicaid, social security, interest on student loans, mortgage interest deductions eliminated? This is making America Great Again?

  • Businessman Mark Cuban

  • Sean Roberts Mark, you are an interesting and controversial guy, but the market will not tank. It will become robust. Initially the market will go down like when Britians vote to leave the EU happened, but it will rebound and then become very robust.
    Shirley Hilton Mark Cuban you are a embarrassment to Dallas and Texas, you are poison! Shark Tank and The Mavericks will pay for your ignorance! True Americans that still prefer honesty and integrity will remember your endorsement for the most hated corrupt person in politics! I pray that your pocket book is headed to the sewer, because that's where your brain is! Trump 2016!
    Mike Somers Cuban's a gold spoon that had his success handed to him on a silver platter..he looks down is nose at everyone like he's smarter - better business man..please....A very narrow segment of the market will certainly drop to historic lows when Trump wins election, but that correction has been needed for 121 years. Donald Trump For President will fuel growth in small to medium public companies and startups, fueling a huge 8+ year market rally with the next latest and greatest technologies coming forth..Cuban has no clue, less you see his stomach getting larger from eating to many "cuban's"..
    John Todd Cuban, you think you are king but you are nothing in the eyes of those who know the truth. The market will skyrocket when Trump wins due to his market based solutions. If you need to move to another country, do it soon.
    Anthony Lshoupe Fool, the only reason they are we're they are is because Obama and bias people like u are printing money and letting people like you get government money with no interest and charge the little people interest. This is my thoughts anyways. Maybe Trump will tell you greedy crooks start paying the free money back in taxes. I think
    Justin Stubblefield Mark is just jealous because after leaking "rumors" to the press for over a year that he may run and after begging to be a V.P. for both Trump and Clinton no one cared! Mark is just a loud mouth who gambled on stocks and won while Trump spent decades building his wealth from literally the ground up.
  • Kevin P ONeill The market is set to fall, because of the Obama economy, it is being propped up by the fed, If it starts to fall while Trump is in office, its because of things that were in motion for the last 8 years...Mark Cuban, nobody is listening to a guy who is bought into Hillary corruption
    Carroll Carey Mark Cuban, you can't really be that GUILIBEL! What in god's name are you thinking. I know you have to be smarter than that. She lies, lies and then lies some more, and Mark Cuban say's she didn't do or say anything wrong. Give me a break!
    George Taylor Poor old Markie belong in an insane asylum. He seems to have lost touch with reality. The market will jump ahead, Mark will loose his job, but many will become gainfully employed when Donald Trump is sworn in.
    Brenda Lee No one gives a shyt about your stupid "OPINION" loser Cuban...get a life, you seemed to of lost it, since Donald J. Trump has made a fool of you LOL
    Patty Smith So you are voting for Clinton because of the stock market? Why, you mean you might lose some money. Do you think we care. To you it's all about money, you have no real patriotic sense. No one except your rich cronies care how much you lose.
    Christopher Mozitis Crash...like the much feared vote for BritExit? That market crash lasted two whole days. Come on, people have been warning of stock market tanks, forever. Just call William DeVain and buy some gold

  • California Sen. Kamala Harris

  • Linda K Donovan Andrea Mitchell deserves the Medal of Freedom for pushing questions when men who would be secretive, such as our Secretary of Exxon and the Russian Minister of Sarcasm, try to ignore the Press. Ultimately, it's the Press who are saving our butts while Congress catches up, but I appreciate Sen. Harris for being in the forefront although she's a junior Senator. We need you more than ever, Kamala!
    Janet Bernal Trump thinks his taxes should be more secure and secret from the public then giving a coded ally secret to the Russians. Let that sink in. Truly unbelievable that this is not being made into a big, huge thing from everyone in the house.
    Lisa King Thank you, Senator. Keep after these traitors until the American people get justice. Then get the hacked election nullified and reverse all actions and appointees that followed...and let us have a real election.
  • Sue Atkinson Robinson Now would be the perfect time for Democrats in Congress to stop talking about the Russia issue and what the Republicans are doing or not doing and bring some legislation to the floor that addresses the needs of the American people. Rise above the fray.
    Seth Buddha Benton DNC interfered more than the Russians. They are arguing in court right now they have the right to rig elections. If the DNC had not interfered in our free elections, Bernie Sanders would be President right now. If this isn't dealt with, we may get rid of Trump, by will be stuck with a list of Republicans who are in actuality much worse.
    Mary A Kelly Their was never was any interference in our election. It is all made up by Fake new and the Democrats because they can't accept the fact that over half of the citizens were tired of the corruption in the capital so we voted in someone who was not a pol...See more
    Jason Small "Where it ends" is where we take back our country that we never really had. Americans have this idea that they live in a democracy and they don't. An "Oligarchic Republic" might be a more accurate term. The secretive dark forces that are so glad we are...See more
    Mark Dalbis I agree with Trump on one thing - I'd like this to move quickly too. I want it to be thorough, I just worry Trump is going to start dropping bombs somewhere new or ramp up what's already going on to distract us and retain power.
    Susan Jefferson "What motivated McCarthy was not a genuine fear of any great communist conspiracy, but the use of this for his own political advancement." - Leon Kamin --- Didn't work then... doesn't work now.
    Edryn J. Coleman If I was a smart NEW female black senator from California I would rush to join with John McCain on a bi-partisan bill on some kind of sanctions against Turkey to build up my ability to work across the isle AND my Defense credibility. But hey, I'm just a music teacher..... Kamala Harris

  • Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

  • Candice Leigh Siciliano Yup exactly Alan Crumpacker! I was just gonna say, the US in general has funded (both directly and indirectly) Middle Eastern terrorism specifically, since at least the 70s, but probably as early as the 1950s if we're talking about covert terrorist activities in general.
    Ken Trofatter This is NOT a non issue. The Russians helped elect an incompetent dangerous impulsive self-centeted idiot to the White House who has done more in 8 months to cripple our country than any else who has ever been in that position. By weakening us in the eyes of the world, our credibility as the "leaders of the free world" has been diminished. Putin knew EXACTLY what he was doing....
    Candice Leigh Siciliano I hate to break it to you Ken Trofatter, but that door of corruption and incompetence was opened by his predecessors. (George W is the first most obvious example that comes to mind in regards to rigged elections, being unqualified for office, and destroying our country (and economy)). Unless you're some sort of government official with privelaged information the rest of us don't have access to, you really don't know how the recent election (or any of those prior) were won. I'm sure there are a lot of back door dealings we have no clue about--that's the nature of our country and the principle it was founded on. You're very naive to believe everything you hear in the media, especially when corrupt billionaires have any involvement (ahem, Zuckerberg--though the media in general is controlled by 2 other wealthy individuals). Government is and always has been like an iceberg--the American people only see what's at the surface--the smallest part. There's really much more going on beneath that that we don't know--and they don't feel we need to know. As long as the general population is content, they don't ask questions. You have to ask yourself why they're focusing on this and instead consider the big picture-- what is it they DON'T want you to acknowledge? Why are they trying to divert your attention? Because they don't want you to see what's going on inside the sausage factory (no pun intended). You can follow the herd or you can be a critical thinker...I'd just be careful who you trust especially when their hands aren't clean, and they stand to personally profit from it. And let's not get hung up on semantics. Maybe it's not a non-issue perse, but certainly not the most important issue we should be concerned with--and certainly not Zuckerberg's area of expertise. The media are your gatekeepers--you see what they want you to see. As Jim Morrison once said, "Whoever controls the media controls the mind."
  • Cherelyn Ellison So this is why you started Facebook so you could spy on citizens or at first you had a more honest exchange of ideas,. Now because stupid Hillary lost your mission has changed to rating, just so you know "Collusion is not against the law even if it was done, which it was not ". Remember Hillary had lost one time already. Public just don't like her. OK
  • Tom Peña Hahaha! Russian influence?! Do you want to know what fueled the influence into the November Election? 30,000 deleted emails, Benghazi, basket of Deplorables, skimming Clinton Foundation money, everybody wanted Bernie, Donna Brazille, Wasserman-Schultz, Bill 'the rapist' Clinton. This is what influenced voters Zuckerberg you twit!!
    Joan Poletis Everyone.... democrat and republican.... should be for investigating interference in our election. Scary after reading these comments how a lot of republicans just don't care.
    Gregory Jones You're such a joke Mark Zuckerberg. You didn't do anything until you were called on the carpet about it. There is no rushing anything. We voted for Donald Trump because we don't want people like you to destroy our country. We're not going to be a third world dump with rich and poor Society like the places that you love. We're not going to be dictated to by somebody who says there should be no border and yet builds walls around his own home to keep others out. F*** you you nasty dirty despicable Thief.
  • Robin Quintana I'm glad, going forward we can now see where the add is coming from. In the beginning of the soeach, you say no adds were found then you say your going to turn this info over to them. What are you going to share with them? Nothing... Mark, I do hope that both conservative and democrats news is shared equally and that one over the other isn't pushed more because of your personal agenda.
    Henry Allan There was no Russian interference. It makes no sense this narrative as Trump had planned to increase military spending and did so. A stronger American military is not what Putin desires.
    Harrison Bergeron No one seems to ever wants to answer WHY Russian hacking influenced the election. Hmmmm 🤔 maybe it's because ALL IT DID was expose the truth about how utterly corrupt Hillary "private speeches to wallstreet" Clintion was.
    Wendy Schmidt If this Country relied on only a popular Vote, then I could imagine it possibly fixed! But... seeing it was the electoral vote that elected Donald Trump for President, it was a fair vote. Explain to me how it is possible for anyone to interfere with the vote?

  • Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar

  • Share this video about my new bill to strengthen U.S. election cybersecurity and let Congress know we must do everything we can to ensure future elections are free from foreign interference.
  • Margaret Mary Stokely Niki King "Millions" of children in foster care have "no birth certificates"? Are you daft? Let's see one citation to back this absurd claim!
    Bill N Laurie Minnihan Brenda Olson how come any time someone points to the facts against your 'side' you label them? 'Liberal' or 'Lefty' ? Just because someone does not agree with you doesn't make them wrong. Especially if they are getting THEIR NEWS from more than one SOURCE!
    Kristine Fordham 80%? Source it. Please source it. My mom is an election judge too. She supports peoples' rights to vote. And oh, not that it matters, but she's personally a Republican.
    Niki King Margaret Mary Stokely Well I can't find the article I just read on the topic and the best estimate I can find in a search today is 500K so I'm sorry if I exaggerated a bit still that's just one problem with birth certificates among many.Do a google search and you'll find multiple issues with why people have a hard time obtaining ID.
    Kitty Haight Please, volunteer as an election judge. It is a great civic service to the state and your community. You will be paid a stipend and you must be given time off of work if you notify your Human Resources Department in advance. Educate yourself about how ...See more
    Bruce Morton If there brother Jethro isn't counting the ballots(chads) redistricting voter suppression ect.How else is the republicans supposed to win any election.
    Brenda Olson Maybe you all need to ask Sen. Franken about voter fraud, he knows a few things about it. What do you all listen to Fake News CNN? There was just a story out 2 days ago about a college student who was convicted of voter fraud by using dead people's names.
    Joel Jacobsen Anne Fox ...well said....the rwing nuts insist we live in their world of make believe and the results are right next door in Wisconsin. Study after study demonstrates that voter ID fraud is statistically zero....won't stop them from spouting nonsense...and now we have a criminal in the White House due to their fantasies...great job white cult!
    Susan Marsnik Voter ID issues are a state government issue, not a Federal government issue. I think this effort at the Federal level to protect elections nationwide from meddling by foriegn powers is necessary.
    Brenda Olson Anne Fox, Joel Jacobsen and the rest who say you don't believe voter fraud exists because fake news your watching will not tell you, a study in 2008 Obama got over 7 million votes from illegal aliens, another study U of Kansas group proved that Hillary got over 3 million votes in 15 different states. It exists.
  • Patrick Murphy I think we need to be more concerned with internal security, i.e. illegals and dead people voting. We need voter ID! If you would help get that passed, then you would be doing what you were elected for. You could also throw in term limits so we can get rid of the dead wood and get some fresh new ideas and people that are concerned for the country and not just getting reelected.
    Gene Rose Finally a Senator who appreciates the enormity of Russia's attack on our democracy and has the guts to actually do something about it. Minnesotans are very blessed to have two outstanding Senators working for their interests.
    Adam Nicolai Thank you for speaking out on this. Thank you for championing a bill on it. It is the right thing to do. The haters here are vocal but in the minority. You have our support and gratitude.
    Jeff Nordahl Amy instead of blaming Russia for Americas shortcomings, why can't you help America by co-sponsoring Rand Paul and Tulsi Gabbards S. 532 Bill, the "STOP ARMING TERRORISTS ACT"?????????? If you can't back such basic legislation, then you are part of the problem!
    Scott Schradle For those who don't work in IT here is some information. The Russians, Chinese, and most of the rest of the world are banging away at every firewall of every corporatation and government agency non-stop. Your have to see the firewall logs to believe it. Technically they are "interfering" with all levels of our government ALL the time. Did they change any votes? Coerce any voters? Rig any machines? If no, you need to drop it.
    MJ Merker I don't know, Trump just had to put an end to the government trying to prevent the Y2K bug and Obama claimed Russia wasn't a threat in 2012. So what changed?
    Brent Olson Fortunately for Russian hackers and WikiLeaks the ppl of the United States were informed of the shenanigans that Hillary Clinton and her cronies were up to by rigging the Democratic party nomination...pretty sad how everyone is up in arms about Russian interference in the election but turn a blind eye to the illegal strategy Hillary took...no wonder Trump beat the crooked POS

  • New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu

  • Juz Onedurin You're a joke. The nation sees it,and the residents of New Orleans clearly see it. Maybe you can get out of bed with your mistress that you left your wife and family for long enough to address real issues like the murder and crime that are threatening our great city. You have failed us and your family name is mud.
    Faye Frost Mr. Landrieu, I don't beg for anything, but the safety of the streets in Nola must be your first priority. NOTHING in this city is as important as cleaning up the crime. If you want to have respect from all New Orleanians and those from all over this country, make your city safe. I always ready terror stories, and I just received a post of a lovely couple brutally attacked by a 16 year old. My family will be moving away because of the crime, and everyone I speak to says they'll never return. To be the best man you can be, save lives by forcing whatever it takes to clean out the crime. Yes, for the first time, I'm begging. All lives matter... show you care and that you're a strong man who will change his city.
  • Jim McGuire This is a move to villify everything about the Confederacy when in all actuality the south held the moral high ground. The Civil War was not about slavery and the Union invaded and destroyed a sovereign nation. The men who fought for the south were defending their homes and families. Which is the only morally correct definition of war.
  • Lori Wolfal Kendrick I saw the speech and he is so right. It was exactly what I want to say but don't have that kind of talent! Well said!!!
    Wade Price Thank God for voodoo and spirits in New Orleans.. especially to ghost of general Lee. He burn the main water pump. Got people and business flooded. Now looks like beautiful karma. They hate the council and wanted the mayor mitch in jail.. big wow. Facing a class action lawsuit.. good luck yall.. bless the spirits and ghosts and much more to come.. be safe yall..
  • Kim Courtney Just passing this on. I have SEVERAL retired civil servants on my list that LOVE to argue everything because it has served them well to do so. So... Here... Fact Check this and let me know, ok? (Just do so in a kind manner... I'm SO over the argumentative b.s.... I just wanna KNOW if this is correct or not.) Whatever your political persuasion, this is plain and simple – history! "HISTORY LESSON ON ROBERT E. LEE Since the Charlottesville incident was about Robert E. Lee here's a little history. Robert E Lee was married to George Washington's granddaughter. He worked with Grant during the Mexican-American war and became a decorated war hero defending this country. He believed slavery was a great evil and his wife broke the law by teaching slaves to read and write. After the civil war he worked with Andrew Johnson's program of Reconstruction. He became very popular with the northern states and the barracks at West Point were named in his honor in 1962. He was a great man who served this country his entire life in some form or other. His memorial is now being called a blight. No American military veteran should be treated as such. People keep yelling, "You can't change history." Sadly you can. This is no better than book burnings. ISIS tried rewriting history by destroying historical artifacts. Is that really who we want to emulate? As they tear down this "blight" keep these few historical facts in your mind. No military veteran and highly decorated war hero should ever be treated as such. This is not Iraq and that is not a statue of Sadam. IN ADDITION: Lee was also very torn about the prospect of the south leaving the Union. His wife's grandfather, George Washington, was a huge influence on him. He believed that ultimately, state's rights trumped the federal government and chose to lead the Confederate army. His estate, Arlington, near Washington, DC, was his home and while away fighting the war, the federal government demanded that Lee himself pay his taxes in person. He sent his wife but the money was not accepted from a woman. When he could not pay the taxes, the government began burying dead Union soldiers on his land. The government is still burying people there today. It is now called Arlington National Cemetery.

  • Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe

  • Pat Porter at least if he is going to give away $1.4 million of taxpayers dollars he will make sure the company is real. Maybe you should be tweeting more, governor. Even at work you are ineffective, tweeting or not. But hey, you got a really cool flag for the investment.
  • Corey Crawford Thank you, Terry McAuliffe for your leadership, including pointing out that President Donald J. Trump needs a babysitter 24/7. His attacks against Ralph Northam only caused me, without any further thought, to vote him which I did less than an hour ago alongside my spouse.
  • Barb Rollison Listen McAuliffe just because Clinton did not win quit knocking Mr trump he is a better president than you are governor I think it's great we have a president who tweets and we can tweet back to him as citizens what other president Chas ever done that
    David Pecht McAuliffe you must be the "crazy grandmother"! With your pansy, bleeding heart, liberal views and ways!! You are the worst thing that happened to this great state since the civil war!! You have been a joke and disaster for us Virginians!! I can't wait until you're gone from here and gone back up north with your crooked, lying cronies, Killary and Bill! I am a state worker and have never respected anything about you since you were elected!! GOOD BYE! And don't come back!! You're a disgrace!!
  • David Jennings So glad that the pos McAuliffe will soon be history. He’s done nothing for Virginia. What did he do? Tried to ramrod allowing convicted felons to vote for hilary. McAuliffe-No experience in office? Check. Sketchy business partners? Check. Media manipulation? Check. He needs to go back and put his lips back on the clintons backsides.
    Tim Smith You sir are a liar with the blood of that woman in Charlottesville. You set that fiasco in motion and someone lost their life because of it.
    Bj Castro Lowest politician/congressional approvals in history bc he is actually looking out for us not them and "we the people" saw it and went for it on the presidential election day and it spoke. So much butt hurt lately with the big heads.lol good. Nothing good came easy. ✌
    Devon Lockhart Slough So says the man responding with derogatory comments while being Governor...isn’t HE supposed to be working for the people of VA right now?? #TypicalLibHypocrisy
    David Shockley Every time McAuliffe speaks farts come out and it stinks up the room. Please keep your big mouth shut McAuliffe !!
    Annette Bullard The same polls that say he is saying is low, is the same polls that said Hillary was winning by a land slide. WE Americans LOVE TRUMP, but keep talking Terry McAuliffe, and you will be looking a real job..... Keep Tweeting President Trump, we love the way you keep us informed.
  • Jewel Donahue Another Clinton loyalist on his way out. Wouldn't look at that poll as having a lot of meaning as many refuse to answer questions from pollsters. Or polls are taken weighted heavily with non-voters. Relying on polls are not conducive to getting an accurate reading of the mood of the country any more.
    Jackie Le Terry, Trump is a little kid, you know when ppl get old they've Memory Loss and become kid again. Thats alright that he Tweeting when he feels up or down. Its also good for Trump to be online that many hrs a day. Don't you see he has learnt alot of things online and he does know lots of words where you and I don't know as Nambia, Covfefe,.... He truly is an intelligent man and knows lots of words as he said. It seems to me Trump has a short or long-term of Memory Loss. Lots of things he said is not true and when ppl confronted him he got mad and said its faked News. All things that he promised to do or to keep (during the Election,) now he did the opposite. Maybe thats why he only get 31% approval rating. My friend told me that we'd have used the Lie Detector device on him. Is it really necessary??? What do you think Terry??? LikeShow More Reactions · Reply · 8 November at 08:12 · Edited

  • Former first lady Michelle Obama

  • Edgar Diaz Not only that, but with a crazy person in charge at the very minimum move of any other Country wil send Our Kids to another war or wars in different places of the earth. Is OK!!! for you to send our kids, grandkids, young friends? to fight for nothing? think and then make your choice. God bless USA, and keep it out of evils reach!!!
    Suzanne Behrens Hillary is a part of a political globalest special interest organization that has chosen the most evil religion Islam to bring in a new world order and to take away the second amendment, freedom of speech and Christianity. Hillary and Obama are letting Isis win to bring in a new world order, under Hillary Isis wins. Putin is right we are arming Isis to bring in a new world order and recently threaten to start shooting down American aircrafts. Putin recently did a drill they have bunkers for 40 million citizens that they went to and he has a military defense system to stop missiles. Trump will build our military defenses Obama has neglected this. Hillary is a guaranteed failure. Isis is calling for knife attacks on beaches and camp sites and bus stops, Hillary will not care she will bring violence on America just like she did to the Ambassador, she will sacrifice anyone for the new world order. America has never been more unsafe we need to vote for Trump. When I was younger I had a great vision of the Lord Jesus Christ blood invisibley going through my skin into my wrist. Jesus was wearing a heavenly blue garment and holding my hand and then I saw a sprinkle of the Lord Jesus Christ blood invisibley going through my skin into my wrist. Hebrews 12:22-28,Heavenly Jerusalem, Acts 2:17-21.Matthew 24,Heaven and earth shall pass away but by no means shall my word pass away. In revelations God says to come out of the whore that you receive not of her plagues and in her was found all the deaths of the Christians. This is saying to vote for Trump!
  • Sue Delany The Republican Party is imploding and they have no one to blame but themselves. Trump is one VILE individual and the Republicans are backing him. Spread the word--- Ryan, Preibus,McConnell, and Pence you are equally as guilty by association Your MORALS are as DAMAGED as your candidate.Time to rid ourselves of these Morally Bankrupt Politicians-----VOTE BLUE--No longer responding to any of these comments by the ignorant Trump supporters -my time will be spent spreading the word please join me-THEY ARE INSIGNIFICANT TO THE JOB WE HAVE TO DO WHICH IS WIN
  • Phil Pugh President Obama, a Decent Man, Husband and Father, leaving the White House. Donald Trump, a Cheating Man, Cheating Husband and Cheating Father, wants to live in the White House. Donald Trump, NOT WELCOMED.

  • Kanye West

  • Michelle Knowles Don't you just Luuuuuuvvvveee Kanye sucking up to Donald Trump. He is a mental case. There is no way he will ever run for President. He aint got the money and sponging of Kim Kardashian (The Kardashians are in MO are a bunch of media whores & so is Kanye) will only get him so far. Didn't he go on FB and literally beg Mark Zuckerberg for a couple of million dollars to help his clothing empire. Also I don't think America will ever have another Black President after Obama.
  • James Valeros Thank non-existent Christ that war criminal, Obama, is almost gone...
    Jess Marie Oakenful America is now the laughing stock of the world
    Toby Rock Kanye West for Vice President.
    Brett Hill Wtf is aTrump smoking ?? His totally out of control already !

  • Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

  • Thomas Dibernardo I'm embarrassed that ppl think the electoral college, is the voice of the ppl of the United States. It's a spit in the eyes to democacy
    Ryan Hancorne As an Australian, I find it entirely rational. Without it, the Unites States would be under the tyranny of the majority. California and New York alone would decide your elections and everybody else would be living in the hell that they create.
    Susan DiJames Schantz What part of "the people spoke loud and clear" does she not understand yet? She can make all of the excuses in the world and put the blame on everyone else but it It's very simple..."the USA is just not that into you"! I think she needs a history less...See more
    Thomas Dibernardo You don't get it do you. The people speaking loud would be the popular vote. One vote per American. Which she won, the electoral college electors in majority of states aren't required to vote for the winner of the state they represent voted for. If they were offered a bribe they could vote for the opposition, or if they simply didn't like who we the ppl voted for. Now granted I didn't vote for her either, both of them were a terrible choice. I'm speaking on a level of democracy which this country really isn't, with a system like the electorial college in place still.
  • Susan DiJames Schantz Thomas, when I said the USA, I meant the electoral process which has been in place for a designated reason otherwise places like California and NewYork would dictate the outcomes. What happens to the other states? I am sure the stats would still show that the "popular vote" came from highly saturated states.
    Nicholas Cannon So should an individuals vote from PA be more important than someone's vote in CA because that's essentially what's your saying yes states like CA and NY have more people but wouldn't it make since if each citizens vote was exactly equal in standing
    Nicholas Cannon It's not two states it's the majority of the nations citizens altogether that's like punishing people who live in a city because there's a high density of population honestly this argument is ludicrous
    October Zeh If we didn’t have the electoral college the candidates would campaign in CA and NY and not only never step foot in another state, those ppl wouldn’t even exist to them... meaning if u didn’t live in those 2 states you might as well not even exist... you’re welcome...
    Susan DiJames Schantz Nicholas, think about it. Each State has their own issues. So the people in that State have their own personal agendas which bias your votes to begin with. If the saturated States were to dictate all outcomes, what happens to the smaller states? This is the USA... UNITED... all states having an EQUAL Say... How else would you make that happen?
  • So on Tuesday, I sat down with Hillary Clinton to talk through her new book, her views on the 2016 election, and her reflections on politics today. The conversation covers everything from her critique of Bernie Sanders' single-payer plan to the fact that she nearly ran on a universal basic income to her defense of a more pragmatic, incrementalist approach to politics at a time when that's become unfashionable.

  • Chad Cain the "he is not a democrat" stuff has got to stop its incredible divisive and tactically stupid.... she's sowing seeds of dissent worsening future cooperation between progressive and dems. it risks worsening the divide that helped foster the last election results.. progressives and dems share far more incommon then the repubs we have to work together...
    Valerie Stein Foster Easily the best interview with her I've seen in recent times. Unfortunate that the people that need to see it most won't bother to take the time.
    Joseph La Spada Brilliant and informative interview !!! This is the way it should be done. Hillary is brilliant and has a profound understanding of the American political process. I wish she could have given an interview like this before the election. Ezra Klein has real talent!
    Ray Katz I think Hillary Clinton was damaged when her heroic effort on healthcare during Bill's administration was attacked and killed. She thinks universal healthcare must come in slow stages if at all. I have no gripe with her (I even voted for her), but she is wrong. But we are now in an age of all or nothing. Either we get Medicare for All or we end up with a shredded Obamacare—or simply no healthcare. We can and must fight for and win this.
  • Linda Chang Thank you, Ezra Klein, for doing what so many journalists in America failed to do on too many occasions. This interview was such a wonderful and refreshing departure after all these ridiculous months of the Orange Hairy one and all the shrill GOP lame-bro's. Both of you speak with such intelligence and insight. There is no denying that the divide is about education, empathy and a sense of responsibility, rather than endless shirking of one's responsibility to actually learn about issues as a citizen of a democracy and engage in thoughtful dialogue. At least the majority of voters had the sense to vote for her. But far too many lame, lazy people just wanted to be shrill along w their lazy GOP freaks, bringing out all kinds of hateful language and irrational hysteria. Meanwhile the challenge remains - she was and is right - there are very powerful forces on the Far Right who have plenty of money to manipulate that hysteria to bring about the structural madness we are seeing. This is not about Americans needing to "come together" - it's about Americans needing to look at themselves in the mirror and hold themselves accountable to getting educated, getting engaged, and to stop pointing fingers. All that "Crooked Hillary" nonsense was not going to help overturn Citizens United. Bernie supporters have yet to lead a serious movement to overturn the voter suppression - wow, hundreds of thousands of citizens denied the right to vote in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania???!! What is going on? Why don't we see that in the headlines on a daily basis? Again, thank you, Ezra. Truly.
  • Jill K. Harper Commitment to raise incomes?!? Disastrous Third way policies, NAFTA and corporate favoratism drove down wages, wouldn't it have been better to address THAT?! My goodness the length to which they will protect their elite country club/status quo at the expense if the American people is just aweful. If her campaign ran universal basic income it would have been a fish bait tactic to buy certain demographics. Interviews like this show just how out of touch she is. Ezra you sure are giving her a lot of airtime, not so sure it's bolstering her reputation or "correcting the record" the way you all had hoped
  • Stacey Van Veen What's clear is that Hillary is the consummate sore loser. Sorry, I am way to the left of her and I have never seen such an unmitigated spectacle of relitigating a loss ever displayed like this. It's unprecedented. It really is. The press goes along for the ride because, well you know, it is their fault as well. Reportage was dreadful, admit it. And now you all can't accept it either, because you know you effed up. Your bubble has burst and you're still in it. Still lying, all of you. and how do we know? We know because you ask: "How are you going to pay for it?". If you are going to continue with that line of reasoning then we know you are intentionally holding the country back or are so economically illiterate, you have no business in politics or the reporting of politics.
  • Logan Wiley Those 3 million votes came from illegal foreigners, dead people, and people voting multiple times, and in only 2 states. The Electoral process was instituted exactly to avoid that type of fraud. Her husband was elected under the same Electoral process she was participating in. So maybe that's one more thing she doesn't know? The American people thank their lucky stars daily that such a lying and forgetful candidate did not win.
    Abe M Cyr You don't know much about our electoral system, do you? Do you honestly think that it is best for the country if only a handful of large cities, decide for the rest of the country, who becomes president? How is that fair?
  • Doug Hyde Again, if it were solely based on the popular vote, people who live in the higher populated states would have more pull in the election. A person in New York and California, generally speaking, have a different lifestyle/political interest/belief system than someone in Kansas or Montana. Lower populated states need to be equally represented. Is it perfect? No, not by any stretch, but until people who complain about the electoral college come up with something different and an alternative than to complain and give suggestions to switch to an even more flawed system in the popular vote....then I would suggest to think of it in a different light. Cause the popular vote....really wouldn't work.
  • Stan Stevens Lol. She's just classless. She's never conceded and has instead spent the last year whinnying like a grade school kid that everybody cheater her and it's just not fair as well as doing all she can to undermine the President of the United States. That attitude and lack of regard for the country is a big reason she lost, people, intelligent people anyway, see through her. Of course not stupid people, like you idiots at NBC.

  • Paddypower